Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Importance of FOOD!

You know, there is just something about food.

Yes, I know that we need it to survive after a few days, but, it is something much more than that, right?

Food can bring back memories, or even make new ones.

 Food can make an awkward moment, into a funny moment in time.

When we were traveling last year, we met a wonderful family, the Harper's, that also have this 'connection' with food.  They not only introduced us to LOVING bell peppers; the yellow, red and orange variety, but also to the VERY yummy.......

CHURROS!!  Oh me.  Oh my!!

Well, I HAD to buy this cereal when I saw it at the store!  The kids and I laughed and laughed and thought of our sweet new Canadian friends.  We talked about how we miss them, the places we went and even the friendships made with them, that are continuing to this day.

They live thousands of miles away, in another country, but because of  the many things, including FOOD, that we have in common,  we talk on Skype or email regularly!  LOVE IT!

So, the next time you open your home to strangers or even friends, think of the food!  It just might make a lasting impression! :)

Harper Family, this is just for you!!!

Oh, and just so you know!  We REALLY liked it, and ate the whole box in TWO days!  UG!

Love you and Miss you!  Yucca! (another family joke!) :)


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