Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Enjoying the Journey of Life!

Life is funny.

Life brings changes.

For us, change is starting to become come place.......and we are adapting much easier.

Long story short, we have decided to stop traveling full-time.  I know....SHOCKER!

Our decision to travel and explore this wonderful country, has always been a family decision.  We were regularly asking the kids how they liked it, and if they wanted to keep on going.  Every now and then, one of them might have a bad, boring, or lonely kind of day, and want to go home to see their friends or family.  Recently, those feelings started happening more often....even with ME! ;)

I honestly thought I would never have a house again!  I thought I could live in our RV home forever!

But.  As the Lord does, SO many times, HE changed my perspective and gave me new eyes to see.  HE also started working on my kids' desires.

So, we are home. :)  It is a good thing.

We are paying off debt, saving money and seeing friends and family.  We are signing up for camps, sports and home school classes.  We are back in our community and our comfort zone.

We come back home with a fresh perspective, too.

We are blessed.  I mean, really blessed.
We have traveled FULL-TIME, for almost 3 years, as a family, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  We have experienced this country first-hand and enjoyed so many "firsts!"

We realize the precious time we have been given, but also realize how precious our family and friends are to us as well.

We will miss our friends on the road,( PLEASE come see us!), and we hope to travel again in the future.

Life is funny.  But, life is so good. :)

Here are just a few of our most favorite times on the road:

Many factory tours....

 National Monuments that take your breath away...

Good Ole' Faithful.....

Driving on the GOLDEN Gate Bridge!

Landscapes and natural wonders.....

Laura Ingalls Wilder's home....

Todd skydiving on his 40th birthday!

Countless sunsets...

Trying to hug a Redwood :) 

Sledding at White Sands....

Rock climbing.....

Totally amazing sights....

Tons of hiking trails- CONQUERED!

We have experienced life in its fullest capacity.  Together.   We are so grateful!!

"Happy Trails to you......Until we meet again....."