Campground Reviews

***On this page, I am making an attempt to share my opinion, and ONLY my opinion about the campgrounds where we stay; whether it is for a night or a week.  Please know that I am NOT an expert in any way, but thought this might be helpful to those who are searching for "family friendly" RV parks. :)
(not a formal disclaimer, but a disclaimer nonetheless!)  :)

Colonia del Rey RV Park, Corpus Christi, TX
***This RV park is our first RV experience, and I have to say that it was a great experience. 

Facilities: Very Accomodating- Laundry, pool, rec-hall, very clean shower house/restrooms

Staff: Wonderful!  Very friendly and helpful.  They were more than willing to help us and answer any questions.  They guide you to your spot, and help leave, if you need help getting around tight corners.  When Tanner offered to work in any way available, they actually allowed him to earn a little money for raking!  :)

Area: This location was very close to all the attractions. (20 min. or less)

Price: For our family of 7, it was $193/week.

Overall: I would recommend this RV park to a family, or older couple.  Everyone was so sweet.  We even hung out and played BINGO one evening, and everyone made us feel welcome. :)


Admiralty RV Park, San Antonio, Tx
Last week, we stayed at a wonderful RV park!  Admiralty RV Park, was a little far from downtown, or some other attractions, but not any farther than a 25 min. drive.

They had a BEAUTIFUL pool, large bathroom facilities and a really big laundry facility.  (I was able to do 6 loads of laundry in 2 hours!! :)

They had a playground, but not a whole lot of space to just run around (like a park setting).

The staff was helpful and friendly.

My only complaint, is that the bathrooms should have been cleaner.  The shower floors need a deep clean, and need to be checked regularly, in my opinion.



Sunset RV Park, Sunset, Tx
For the past few nights, we stayed @ Sunset RV Park.  This is a very small town outside of Decatur, and the owners were very friendly.  This was a nice place for us to just "chill" and get a TON of laundry done for FREE!!!  Yep.  They offer FREE laundry. :)

Facility:  The site itself is on gravel, but is spread out.  We did not need to unhitch our van, which was nice.  There is not any kind of playground or pool, but we found plenty to do.  There is a train track that runs right by, so Todd took the kids to watch, and they LOVED it.  The bathrooms were spacious, but could have been cleaner.

Price: AWESOME.  $12.50/night with our Passport America membership :)


Twin Fountains RV Park, Oklahoma City, Ok.
While were staying in Oklahoma City, we enjoyed our stay at Twin Fountains RV Park

Facilities:  sites were huge, with grass and pavement, as well as clean and well kept with site trash pick-up.

They are in the process of adding a pool, which will be really nice for the summer visitors. :)  Their bathrooms were really modern and clean, with really big showers/dressing area.

There is a playground, but it is a little rickety, and needs to be tightened or redone. (in my opinion :)

Price: $130 for the 5 days we stayed, which we felt was a great deal.  They also had a FREE shuttle that took us to the Science Museum.  The location is perfect for visiting all the attractions.


Big Red Barn RV Park, Carthage, Mo.
While we were staying in Carthage, MO., we stayed at the Big Red Barn RV Park.  While we did enjoy our stay there, I can honestly say that some may not like it at all. 

The location was just perfect for visiting Carthage, Joplin or Diamond attractions, and the price was AMAZING at only $15/night!!! :) 

But, the bathrooms were a little creepy.  They were pretty clean, but were just old, and in need of ceiling repair.  I only took the girls in there once while we stayed for a week, because I felt like some kind of rodent might jump out at any moment! UG!  The boys had NO problem with the bathrooms or showers, just us prissy, little girls! :)  (Our shower works great in the "Admiral" but we like to use the RV Park facilities when we can.)

The park itself had a rustic/country feel to it, which is fine with me. :)  We had a site that was in the back of the park, so the kids had room to throw the football and play around.  We also had a picnic table, so the little ones were able to play with their watercolors and playdough.
We felt very safe, and very thankful for such a nicely priced place to camp!


Stagecoach RV Park, Branson, MO.
Our time in Branson was spent at nicely kept, Stagecoach RV Park.  The park hosts were SO friendly and very welcoming.  :)  I got to spend about an hour talking with one, who was really sweet and encouraging.  Our girls also made friends with a sweet little girl too!  Hi Cameron! :)  They played on the playground and they also had fun roasting smores by the camp fire one night. :)

Facilities:  Really neat and clean.  The bathrooms are HUGE, but only have two for the entire park.  It could be a problem, maybe in a busier time of year.  The laundry room was AWESOME.  The best yet!  It had about 8 washers and 8 dryers, and big folding area, couch, tv, bathroom.  :) 
The sites were plenty long and wide too. :)

Price: Really nice! $23/night, and that is great for Branson, especially with all the amenities. 


Lake Shawnee State Park, Topeka, Kansas
We have been here for a few days now, and we LOVE it!  It is gorgeous!  The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it is only in the 70's!  Too cool!  Especially for this Texas girl.  :)
This place quickly became one of our new favorite places to camp.  Not only do we have all the ammenities, but the kids can run and play and be kids!  :)  It is only $18/night too.  Really nice. 

 The kids have gotten a lot of use out of this wonderful playground.  Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

This picture, below, is literally our view from our RV!  You step out the door, or look out the window, and this is the site you see.  Just lovely......

Do you know that last night was our FIRST night, since we've been on the road, to have a campfire as a family?!  Either the RV park we were at did not allow campfires, or it was raining, or we just honestly didn't think about it! 
As soon as Hannah saw the fire ring on our site, she asked if we could, so Todd ran to the store and got stuff for smores. ;)

Did I mention that it was some SERIOUS smores eatin'?  YUM!
It was such a great night.  As it got darker, we all sat by the fire and talked and shared "ghost stories," which were really just silly stories, or really lame "wanna-be" scarey stories that would make us all laugh.  :)
We also witnessed a precious geese family swimming by!
Do you know that this was the FIRST time that I, let alone my children, have ever seen geese swimming like that!?  I have seen pics in the classic children's book, Make Way For Ducklings, but I have never seen it right in front of me!  It was soo sweet and peaceful.

Just when I thought that it could not get any better,  the Lord gave us this amazing sunset.
It is just magestic.  Priceless....

Tuttle Creek Campgrounds
Here, you can access the info and details into the camp. :)

For $18/night, you have electric and water and a dump station near the front.  There were also some BEAUTIFUL views of the man-made lake surrounding the area.

The host was a VERY sweet, fellow, Escapees member, and even helped Todd on some wiring on our van! :)  The state park ranger was also so helpful and friendly.

The showers were not our cup of tea.  It literally sprayed the entire room!  It almost felt like tiny needle pricks on your skin, the water pressure was so hard and the shower heads did not seem to work properly.

Had it been a better time of year, or just not so cold, windy or rainy, we could have had a much more enjoyable experience.  Our biggest complaint is the wifi access.  It is a trade off, because of the location, but with Todd's job, it is necessary.



Depending on where your site is located in the park, you could be fairly close to your neighbors, or have a really large site.  We had great and friendly neighbors with nice shade and a great site right in the middle of the park.  It was really convienent to the pool, laundry room, and playground. 

The staff was EXCELLENT!  The hand-delivered our mail, and went out of their way for us to make us feel at home. 

For a week's stay is was $230, which is a little pricey for our regular camping, but there were not many other choices, and the ammenities here truly made it worth it.  We were only minutes from downtown Lincoln and all the other attractions we went to during the week.

I would definitely stay here again, and recommend it to any one camping in the area! :)


Pleasant Creek State Rec Area

While we were staying in Palo, Iowa, we had a blast!
This is a small RV park in a state park-like setting with plenty of room to run and play.
The kids had a lot of fun at the free swimming beach on site, and fishing in the nearby lake.  There was a small playground, but we never had need for it.  There is a Walmart and other stores about 15 minutes away too.

Price: REALLY nice- $16/night for 30AMP electric and a water spigot for fresh drinking water.  They have a dump station in the front of the park too. 

Facilities: The area seems to need some mowing, maybe it is the spring season, and they are just a little behind?  The bathroom/showers need a really good deep cleaning, but we braved it! ;)

The beach and lake are really nice and clean. :)

Staff:  They were helpful.  When they could not get the breaker fixed in a timely manner, they refunded us a days ($16)fee. ;) 

We had a great time, and would come back again!

Bunker Hill Campground, Coon Rapids, MN.
While we were in Coon Rapids, MN., we had such a wonderful space and a REALLY nice experience!  At Bunker Hill Campgrounds, our site was in the "new" section towards the back.  It was right next to the restroom/shower houses that literally make you WANT to take 3 showers a day!  They are brand new, clean, and beautiful.  :)
The kids not only had a great playground, just around the corner from our site, but also a good size piece of land to run and play football and soccer.  Towards the way back of the park, there is a really nice waterpark and Veteran's Memorial Park that is HUGE to say the least. 

It was also very affordable at $18/night for water and electricity and a dump station.  The staff were nice and I noticed them each morning cleaning the bathrooms and taking care of the grounds. 
We would definitely stay here again!

As a side note, Coon Rapids is about a 25 minute drive to Minneapolis or St. Paul (Twin Cities).  We only drove into the city once, on Saturday to attend a worship service at John Piper's church, Bethlehem Baptist Church.  He is truly a special teacher/preacher of the Word.  It was a wonderful service, and we also had the Lord's supper too! 
If you plan on attending a lot of activities in the cities, you may want to stay some where closer, or you will be driving a lot, and into a lot of traffic situations! :)


Wylie Park & Storybook Land, Aberdeen, SD.
This week we have been here and man, I am tired!  :)  It has been absolutely beautiful weather, with sunny days around 75 degrees and nights around 50, and SOOO much fun, fun, fun!
Storybook Land is inside of this huge state park in Aberdeen, SD.  There are many play areas with a focus from  many different Mother Goose poems.

Hannah, Emily and Parker enjoyed it here, and also the wild life zoo in the park as well.

Large herds of deer, buffalo, elk, llamas, and reindeer......roaming "freely" in wide open acreage.
While Todd, Tanner and Zach went go-cart racing in the park, (having an awesome time!) the Littles and I went on the train ride.

But even that is not all!!
There is a swimming beach, and great playground equipment as well!  And did I mention, that other than the train ride and go-carts, it was ALL FREE!!!??  (the train is $1.75/person and go-carts are $5/person)  :)

Something else that is hard to get used to in South Dakota, is that it is not dark until about 9:30, 10:00!!  It makes for LONG days, and short nights, because the sun is up at 6:00!! 
The campground is really nice at $25/night, with our Good Sam discount, and has fantastic facilities.  Their bathrooms are VERY clean and the grounds are immaculate.  The staff is also so friendly and helpful as well, I would definitely recommend this for a couple or family to camp.  :)


Red Trail Campground, Medora, ND.
While we were in Medora, we stayed at the Red Trail Campground.  The nice thing about the campground is that it is within walking distance of the town.  Unfortunately, I can not recommend this park as a place to stay.  :(

With our Good Sam discount, it was $27/night, which is a little pricey for only electric and water.  The bathrooms and showers were AWFUL!  I had to clean them each time we went!  I don't think the management has even attempted to clean since the park opened.  Not good!

There is a playground, but it was also very dirty and unkept.  The equipment was not very sturdy or safely built.

The laundry room was also filthy.  They only had 3 washers and 2 dryers, which caused a lot of confusion when you had several people trying to get their laundry done in a timely manner.  The machines did work well, but with a large rv park, they really need at least twice as many washers and dryers to accomodate the campers.

They have an onsite "store" with a few essentials, but you have to spend a minimum of $25!  The owner of the park was also not friendly or helpful at all.  Very disappointing.  Here is a town of maybe 70 people, with out a grocery store, you would think that the convenience store would have essentials at a reasonable cost.  They charged $3.29 for ONE loaf of BREAD!  Robbery, in my opinion.  The closest store is in Dickinson, 40 miles away. :)
If you plan on visiting Medora, come prepared! :)

It really is unfortunate about this rv park.  It soured our stay in Medora. 
We met some of the sweetest people, and had some amazing experiences; horseback riding, the musical, the city park, but if we were ever visiting again, we would definitely stay somewhere else.


Heartland RV Park, Hermosa, SD.
While we were visiting Mt. Rushmore, we stayed in Hermosa, SD. at Heartland RV Park.
We really enjoyed our stay here.  :)
We met some wonderful people, HI RYAN!!!  The kids made great friends, and the campground's facilities were really nice. 

Price- $300/ 9 days.  This is on the high side of a regular park, but in the area around Mt. Rushmore, this was a STEAL!  It was also a little expensive because they charge extra for the children. ($4.00/child/night)  Otherwise, it would be an affordable stay.  :)

Facilities- AWESOME.  They have two shower/laundry houses that were always clean and worked well.  I love the log cabin look of their facilities too!

Location- we were only 15 miles from Rapid City, and 20 miles to Mt. Rushmore.  The drive was beautiful and enjoyable, so you did not mind being a little out of the way.

I would definitely recommend this park!


Peter D's RV Park, Sheridan, Wy.
While we were in Sheridan, Wy., we stayed at Peter D's RV Park
Not only is this place minutes from downtown Sheridan, but it is immaculate!  The owner, Peter, was ALWAYS working and cleaning SOMETHING!  He was very friendly and helpful too.  :)

We were able to use our Good Sam card for 3 nights @ about $72 total for full hook-ups, laundry, and very clean showers/bathrooms.

This was a view I was able to capture one evening right after a storm.  (See the rainbow?!) :)

I would absolutely recommend this RV Park!  :)


Fishing Bridge Campground @ Yellowstone National Park
While we were in Yellowstone, we stayed in one of the few campgrounds with full hook-ups.  At the east entrance, you drive about another hour until you reach the Fishing Bridge Campground.

The sites are VERY close.  Infact, you feel like sardines.  If you don't park j-u-s-t right, you may not be able to open up your slides on the motorhome.  Thankfully, we were placed on the end in section E, so it was fine.

It is affordable at $28/n and there is not  an extra charge if you have pets or children, which is refreshing!

There is a shower house and restrooms, and even laundry available at the entrance building, but we did not use any of them while we were there.  We just used our own in the motorhome, and I waited to laundry later.  Our days were SO full, the last thing I wanted to do was laundry!  HA!

The real and disappointing complaint I have about this place was the mosquitoes!  They were AWFUL.  They were SO bad, that you  literally could not stay outside.  Forget grilling or putting out the lawn chairs.  It was so bad that we would make a mad-dash from the van to the RV in record time, so we wouldn't get bit or attacked by 500+ blood-suckers!
You would think that they could spray the area so it was enjoyable, and would bring in longer stays at the campground?

This was honestly the only complaint we had in regards to the Yellowstone experience, and I am not sure if ALL the campgrounds are suffering with the same dilemma.  :)


Gros Ventre Campground, Jackson Hole, WY.
While we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we stayed here.  It was a great location, maybe 15 minutes to the National Park, and only 15 minutes to the downtown area of Jackson Hole.

Price- $20/night for electric and water, and a dump station.  VERY reasonable!  :)

Now, if you are wanting to stay here, you need to like, 'rustic' surroundings.  :)  The bathrooms were clean, but old.  There are NO other ammenities, however, for us, it was a good 2 night stay.  :)  They have little trails through out the park, and a Jr. Ranger 'talk' every afternoon and evening, which we really liked.

The campgrounds themselves REALLY need a good, healthy clean up.  There was a lot of brush, limbs, and overgrown grass that needed some tender loving care. ;)

I would recommend this park, as long as you are wanting to 'rough it' for a few days, and you honestly can not find a better price in this area either.
Get ready for wonderful sunsets and cool evenings with a gorgeous view of the Tetons!

Indian Creek RV Park, Deer Lodge, MT.
While we stayed in Deer Lodge, we spent a week here.

There is SO much to do in this friendly small town.  :)
*City Pool-runs weeknights for a couple of hours
*City Park
*Grant-Kohrs Ranch
*Awesome Book Store, with a great used section filled with classics

Although this campground is fine for a couple of nights, we could not stay here longer than a week.  The campground is literally a parking lot with a laundry and shower/bathroom facility.  It is a little out-dated, and needs a really good cleaning. 

There is not a playground, pool, lake, trail, nothing.....

Price- $140 for the week plus cable, which we felt was fair.

The staff is just wonderful, and very helpful.  :)


Latah County Fairgrounds, Moscow, ID.

While we were in Moscow, ID., we stayed 10 days here.
The location is perfect for families, or couples that don't mind being really close to a city park. :)

Price- $20/n for FULL hook-ups (30 AMP)  there is also a dump station on the grounds.

Ammenities- Although, there is nothing else to offer the camper, there is an AWESOME laundry facility on the main road in town with a play center, snack machine, restrooms, and plenty of washers/dryers.  It is by far, the BEST laundry place I've clean, you could eat off the floor!  HA!  The city pool is also only a couple of minutes down the road too.  Everything is so close to the Fairgrounds, that we did not feel that we were 'missing out' on what we needed.

The park is very clean, and safe.  I would recommend this, and would definitely come back. 


Sage Hill RV Park & Golf, Warden, WA.

When we were in Warden, WA., we stayed in this campground.

It was out in the middle of no where, but a great resting place for a couple of nights.  :)

Price- $25/n for full hook-ups

The sites were spread out nicely, and some had lots of sun, some with lots of shade.  There is a pretty nice golf course with really affordable rates.  Todd and the two oldest boys played 9 holes after 3:00 for under $50.
There is a very nice, clean pool too!

What I also appreciated about this park, is the laundry room.  It is not the biggest, or the cleanest that I have been too, but, it is the cheapest!  :)  $1.00/ wash and $1.00/dry.  The machines work really well too!

The only downer about this park, is there is not a playground, and when the wind blows just right, you can get a good whif of the dairy farm nearby.  Hence, why there are A LOT of flies.

As long as you are looking for a night or two of rest traveling through Washington, I would recommend this RV Park.  :)


Hoh Ox Boh Campground, Forks, WA.
While we were visiting Forks, WA., and the Olympic National Park and Rainforest, we stayed at this FREE campground INSIDE of the rainforest!  FREE!

Now, there are no hook-ups, but if you can dry camp for a couple of days, this is the place to stay!  You are literally camping in the Rainforest next to a gorgeous creek flowing through. 

It is a small camp, and you can not make reservations, but we had no problem getting a space.  :)

Once you pass the entrance to Olympic National Park, just a couple of miles south on Hwy 101, you will go over a winding bridge, and the entrance is on the left.  Look carefully, or you will miss it!  (There is another Recreation Area just before this one.)

The campground has a lot of low hanging trees, and is a tight squeeze, but we were able to get into a nice sized space with our 37 footer.


Copalis Beach Resort RV Park, Copalis Beach, WA.
We were driving through Washington on HWY 101 and needed a place to stay for a night.  We decided to stay here so we could officially visit the Pacific Ocean!  I am so glad we did.  :)  Hannah found her first sand dollar, and we all enjoyed searching for sea creatures.

I did not use the shower/restrooms or other ammenities, so I can not give an assessment of this, however, the campground was really nice, clean and organized.

It is only 150 yards to the beach, so it is a great location!  They also had a playground for the kids.

It was only $17 a night with our Passport America membership!  ;)


Ft. Stephens State Park, Hammond, OR.
While we were in Hammond, OR., we decided to stay here.  The campground was literally FULL, which meant, people everywhere, and feeling quite cramped.  The park is very clean, and well organized, and offers water, electric, dump station, beach, fishing, playground, trails galore, and much more.  :)

Price- $27/ night, which seems a little high, not having full hook-ups, however, with all the grounds and activities available and the free military museum close by, the price is actually fair.  :)

The shower/restrooms were rustic, but clean.  The kids and I agreed that we LOVED them, because the hot water never ran out!  After a cold afternoon in freezing beach waters, a hot shower was just the ticket!!

We had a nice time here, but it would have been better, had it not been so crowded.


Tillamook Bay City RV Park, Tillamook, OR.
When we were in Tillamook, we decided to stay here for a few days.  It is only less than 5 miles from downtown Tillamook, and very close to the Air Museum and Cheese Factory. 

Although, this is not a very 'kid-friendly' park, (no pool, playground, or room to run), the staff was friendly and helpful.  :)  It is a great stop for a few days, but honestly not any longer, for us any way.  :)

Price: $27/night for full hook-ups

The ammenities were clean, however, both the shower/restrooms and laundry room need to be bigger in my opinion.

If we were in the area again, I would stay here again.  :)


Dayton/Portland RV Park, Dayton (McMinnville), OR.
While we were in McMinnville, OR., we stayed in an RV Park that was only a couple of miles from the Air & Space Museum.  It was a nice location, near many vineyards and farms.

Price- $207 for a week

Ammenities-  The pool is really nice, so the kids swam everyday.  :)  They also have clean shower/bathrooms with a lock code.  The laundry room was HUGE!  :)  There is not a playground or a whole lot of room to run, however, at the Space Museum, there is a great playground open to the public.  They are doing a lot of renovations here, so it is looking really nice.

I would definitely recommend this park.  :)  Not a whole lot of 'frills' but all the necessities.  :)


Redwood Acres Fairgrounds RV Park, Eureka, CA.
While we were in Eureka, we stayed in this campground at the local fairgrounds.  It was a pretty uneventful, few days that we stayed here, which was just fine.  :)  Sometimes, it is nice to 'hunker down' and get school done, clean, work on repairs, and have a 'movie night' or two.  :)  The kids also get REALLY creative in times like these.  They had a blast playing with their new 'pets.'  Banana Slugs!  EEEeeewwww!  (Tom, Kay-Kay, Jane Olivia, and Yah-Yah were their given names!  :)  (Parker picked Yah-Yah :)

Price- $20/ night for full hook ups (30 amps)

Ammenities- none!  Ha!  It is really a nice, quiet spot to stay for a couple of nights, but I can not imagine any longer.  There is just not a whole lot in the area, especially for kids.

After a couple of nights in a no frills campground, it really makes you appreciate ANY kind of 'extra' at the next campground!  :)


Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park, Santa Rosa, CA.
Driving through Sonoma county is breath taking.  I am not a wine drinker, but I love vineyards.  I love grapes and grape juice.  :)  There were SO many vineyards in the area, it makes you wonder how they ALL make any money?  :)  I guess the world really likes grapes and wine!

Trying to find a campground around San Francisco is difficult to say the least.  There are some on the outskirts, but are very expensive, and there are only a couple inside of the Bay area, but I was not going to pay $100 a night!!!

We decided to stay in Santa Rosa, about 40 miles north of San Fran, in a local Fairgrounds RV Park.

Staff:  The host couple was friendly and helpful, giving us a map of San Francisco and traveling advice.

Price: $22.50 with a Good Sam membership for 4 nights!  A steal in this area of California.

Ammenities:  Not much, but level sites, old, but clean restroom/showers, and a small, but efficient laundry room.

If we ever come back, I would definitely stay here again.  :)

Park Sierra RV Resort, Coarsegold, CA.
Our time in Coarsegold, CA., was so relaxing and a great experience.  We stayed at Park Sierra, an Escapees Park, for 50% off, because we were first time visitors!  Only $50 for a WEEK!!!
You read that right!

Price- $50/week  (regular price is still only $100/week)  :)

Ammenities- great laundry room, ( about 12 washers, and 12 dryers), clean restrooms/showers, HUGE clubhouse with movies, games, eating area, pool table, and affordable concessions.

The area is very clean and shows a lot of pride.  Everyone is SOOO friendly, too.  We were invited to eat at their Friday night dinner fellowship, and everyone was so encouraging and welcoming.  One man also gave Tanner a Swiss Army knife (with Todd's permission)!  :)

If you plan on visiting Yosemite National Park, or will be in the area, become an Escapee, and stay at Park Sierra!  It is so worth it!


Rancho Jarupa RV Park, Riverside, CA.

We stayed here while we were in Riverside, about 40 minutes from Los Angeles.  It was such a great park with VERY clean ammenities and grounds.  They also cater to families, so that was also a nice feeling.  :)

Price $210.00 for a week

We stayed in the new, Cottonwood section, but there is a more rustic section that is $165/week.  We felt is was worth the extra cost for Wifi, cable and a nice slab site since we were staying a week.  :)

Ammenities- Really nice 'code' locking Restrooms/showers and laundry.  The kids LOVED the Splash Pad, and went out everyday.  There are also bike trails, and security.

We really enjoyed this park, and felt so comfortable here.  They have a great set up, and I would recommend this park, if you want to visit Los Angeles. 


Jojoba Hills SKP RV Park, Aguanga, CA.

We are members of the Escapees RV association, and I just have to say that I am SO glad we decided to own one.  It has been a GREAT investment in our travels, and has absolutely paid for itself many times over.  Not only do they have an excellent mail-forwarding system, but they have beautiful campgrounds at amazing prices for their members.  A couple of weeks ago we stayed at the Coarsegold location, Park Sierra for half price and for the past 10 days, we have enjoyed our stay here in Aguanga at Jojoba Hills RV Park.  FOR $90!!!!  What a deal!!!  :)
Now, I know you might be thinking that old saying, "You get what you pay for."  Right?
Uh. Uh.  No way.
 This place is just gorgeous, with wonderful amenities and scheduled activities throughout the week!
 Here is a picture of our site.  It is the size of TWO!  We actually have the extra space for our van, and lots of room for the kids to play.

This is the pool and one of the hot tubs available.  The kids swam every single day!  Look at the view of the mountains in the background.  :)
 They also have a game room with 3 pool tables, a huge library with thousands of books and movies, putt-putt golf and a couple of saunas.


Thousand Trails Las Vegas
While were in Vegas, we stayed at our first Thousand Trails campground.
We stayed here for a week, and could have stayed another week easily.  There is so much to do in the area, that we could easily come back another time, and do more exciting, fun things!

Price- $ FREE/week (we have a TT membership)

Location- About 15 minutes from the Boulevard, which I like.  :)  (it was really safe, with security and the grounds were so quiet)

Amenities- Several small laundry rooms, a nice pool and hot tub, a gameroom with a pool table and games for the kids.
Each site is small, but they have picnic tables.  We had nice 'neighbors' so it was fine!  :)

The staff was really great, and helpful.  They also held a church service on Sunday, and we were really blessed by the preaching and fellowship.

We will definitely stay here again if we are in the area!


O.K. RV Park, Moab, UT.

While in Moab, UT., visiting the Arches National Park, we stayed at this campground.

We were only here for a couple of days, and seemed to be pretty nice.  We really did not use any of their facilities though, so I can't comment on how clean or modern everything was in the campground.

Price-$30/night.  If you stay here in the summer, they don't charge extra for kids, so it would be $20/n with a Passport America membership.

Location-  Perfect for visiting the Arches, only less than 15 minutes away.  :)

There is not a pool or playground, but is a great overnight stop.  :)


Red Ledge RV Park, Kanarraville, UT.

While we were visiting Zion National Park, we decided to stay here.
I am SO glad we did.  :)  Our friends, the Martins, recommended it to us, so a big "Thank you!" goes out to them!  :)

At first, we were going to stay at the South Campground in Zion Park, but we found out REAL quick, only by driving through the campground, that our rig is WAY to big.  Thankfully, we did not damage our RV, but it was too close for comfort trying to drive around, let alone park in a space.  (The ranger should not have let us in)
So, I want to warn anyone with a rig larger than 30ft long, that this just may not be the best option for you.  :)

So we went to the North Rim of Zion, and stayed in Kanarraville, UT., at Red Ledge.

Price- $26 for the first night, and then $13 for the 2nd night, since we have a Passport America membership

Amenities- The restrooms were nice, however, the showers need a DEEP clean, as well as the laundry room.

It is a very small campground that has full hookups, and a picnic table.  The owners are very sweet and helpful, and were always working on the grounds to keep them clean.
Make sure you go grocery shopping before you get here, too!  :)


Canyon Gateway RV Park, Williams, AZ.
We decided to stay at this campground  while we were in Williams, AZ.  It was our 'hub' to be able to visit the Grand Canyon, and have full hook-ups and WiFi.  We stayed here for 4 days, and had a great time.  They did not charge extra for the kids and gave us the Passport America rate for the whole stay.  It was a really nice location, within minutes to the highway that takes you to the South Rim (which is a good 45 min. drive). Williams is also a nice little town situated on old route 66!  They had some cool shops, but what we were SOOO excited about, was the local Safeway had BLUEBELL ICECREAM!!
Now, if you are not from Texas, you may not understand this obsession.....:)
Bluebell is the BEST icecream, and Todd honestly compares every other kind with a snub.
Well, he saw it at the grocery store and HAD to buy some!  We have not had Bluebell since we were in Missouri, I think, which was several months ago, so this was a celebration in the making!

Remember, it is the little things that mean so much!

Anyway, we enjoyed our stay at the campground, and would stay here again.

Price- $22/n for full hook-ups

Amenities- Nice sized laundry room and really clean, modern bathrooms/showers.  There is not a pool or gameroom at all, however, in the town of Williams, there are a couple of parks with playgrounds and a Recreation Building for the public that is open in the summer months.

Staff-  they were helpful and friendly

Sites- really nice and long, and an easy in/out drive for big rigs


Verde Valley Thousand Trails

While we were in Cottonwood, AZ., we stayed 14 days at our second Thousand Trails Campground.  It was a glorious 2 weeks, right in the middle of everything!  We visited Sedona, National Parks and Historical Sites, two State Parks and found a wonderful church to worship; First Baptist Cottonwood.

Price- $ FREE with our Zone Pass Membership the first week, and then when the weather started to get REALLY cold, we upgraded to a 50 AMP site for a WHOPPING $5 per night!  :)  Our total cost for two weeks was $35!!  I LOVE it!

Amenities- EVERYTHING!  They have a huge laundry room, two gamerooms, heated pool, hot tub, basketball, soccer field, playgrounds, putt-putt, and trails for exploring.  They also schedule all kinds of activities during the week.  We sang karaoke for the first time!  :)
Their bathrooms/showers were very clean and the grounds were well taken of.

I am so glad we bought a Thousand Trails membership.  It is very family friendly and has gated security.  With our passes, we get the first 30 nights of camping for free, and then it is only $3 per night!  Our annual dues are $500 a year, which pays for itself the first month you camp.  :)

We were not sure if the initial investment in a membership would be best for our family, but after we realized that we were 'full-timing' for several years, it was an easy decision.

**Disclaimer- I do not receive any compensation at all of any kind for sharing my opinion in regards to Thousand Trails Campgrounds or memberships!  I am just sharing what a benefit it is to my family. :)

We will DEFINITELY stay at this campground again!

Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, AZ.

Outside of Tucson, AZ., we stayed at this WONDERFUL campground.  We stayed here for a week and had a great stay.  The hosts do a fantastic job checking everyone in and keeping the grounds immaculate.

Price- $25/night for electric and water.  There are two dump stations.

Location- Perfect for visiting Tucson.  Right across the street is a Walmart, and many shops, and the city of Tucson is 20 minutes or less, depending on what sights you are visiting.

Campground- the sites are HUGE, and you have plenty of room between you and your neighbors.  :) We picked our site with their online reservation system; site 32B.  It was right next to the restrooms, so it was very convenient.  The bathrooms were some of the cleanest I've seen.  They literally clean them at least once every single day.  You can not find a piece of trash, or dust or mold anywhere.

The scenery is just beautiful, with mountains, gorgeous sunsets, and the authentic desert vegetation.  The kids enjoyed riding their bikes all around the grounds and 'hunting' for lizards, enormous grass hoppers, and butterflies.  :)  We kept our eyes out for the rattlesnakes and tarantulas, and thankfully, never saw one!

I would definitely recommend this campground.  It was so peaceful and well kept.


Thousand Trails Palm Desert, CA.

We stayed at another Thousand Trails RV Park in Palm Desert, CA., for 10 days.  It was a very nice park with hundreds of palm trees!  Literally!  They also had grapefruit trees and lemon trees for the picking.  :)

As with Thousand Trails parks, they have lots of amenities, like a great, heated pool, hot tub, pool tables, games, activities for the kids and play grounds.  :)

The only complaint about this campground are rules!  :)  They are a little restrictive in my opinion, but we had great company with our friends, the Harpers, and we swam everyday.  The weather was so awesome and with our new membership we stayed here for FREE!  I LOVE FREE!


Saguaro SKP RV Park, Benson, AZ.

When we were visiting Tombstone, AZ, we stayed at this SKP park in Benson, AZ.  It was a great 'hub' and had the basics we needed to have a great over night stay.

Price- $17/night for full hook-ups

Amenities- The shower/restrooms and laundry were clean, although, we did not use them.

It is not a great place for families with small children to stay for a really long time; no playground or pool.  But it is clean and spacious.  :)

We would stay here again if we visit the area.


Dream Catchers SKP RV Park

We stayed a couple of days in Deming, NM. at this SKP park, and visited City of Rocks State Park one afternoon.

The park is pretty much a gravel parking lot, but it is level and clean.

Price- $13/n plus electricity which came to about $18/n.  We were running the heaters during the night, or it would have been even less.  :)

Amenities- Great laundry room with newer washer/dryers.  The shower/restrooms were very clean and roomy.  They also have a nice sized fellowship hall with a flat screen, library, and movies.  There is also a pool table.

I really appreciate the SKP parks.  Everyone is SOOO helpful and takes care of the park.  The prices are very affordable and they have great amenities.  Some have pools, putt-putt, and playgrounds and some give the basic necessities.

I would definitely stay here again.


Oliver Lee State Park, Alamogordo, NM.

While we were in Alamogordo, NM., visiting White Sands National Monument, we stayed at this state park.
I saw a couple of the other RV parks in the area and I feel that this was the best choice.  The grounds were very clean and the park has a small visitor's center and hiking trails.  It is also about 20 minutes from the National Monument and about 10 minutes to town, so it is very quiet and scenic.

Price-$18/night for full hook-ups

Amenities- Very clean restrooms/showers and each site has its own picnic table and fire ring.  :)

We stayed here for 3 nights and had to rearrange some of our plans while we were here.( Drove back to Las Cruces to replace our AC compressor- yeah for warranties!) :)

I would definitely stay here again.  It felt very safe and was a nice location.


Carlsbad RV Park, Carlsbad, NM.

While we were in Carlsbad, NM., we stayed at this RV Park for a couple of days.

It was o.k.  ;)

There is no way I would stay any longer than we did.  It was a little deceiving.  Their website says they have an indoor pool and gameroom.  They DO, BUT, the pool is not open (management switch-paperwork-stuff), and the gameroom was filled with games that were 'out of order' which was frustrating.  That was the main reason we picked this campground.

Now, their bathrooms were old, but clean and has code locks.  This campground is the closest one to Carlsbad Caverns, which was convenient.

Price- $30/n for full hook ups

Amenities- Laundry room was small, but worked well and we had fun playing Pac-Man in the gameroom.

I think I would stay somewhere else next time we were in the area, or just make sure their 'extras' are REALLY functioning before I commit.  :)


Lady Bird Municipal Park, Fredericksburg, TX.

Our stay in Fredericksburg, TX was really nice at this local RV Park.
It is right off the main street and very close to everything.  :)  It is next to an airport, but we rarely heard any planes, so it was not a big deal.

Price- $30/n for full hook ups

Amenities- during the warmer months, there is a pool, playground, golf course next door and not much else.

I did laundry down the road and it was huge and clean. :)

There is SO much to do in Fredericksburg, and we definitely want to go back again some time.  I would gladly stay here again.  It is also one of the most affordable parks in the area.


Clear Springs COE Park, Texarkana, TX.

Well, we left Livingston and head to Texarkana, TX., safe, sound and feeling much more confident!  We made it to Clear Springs COE Park at night, which is not ideal, but made it just in time before they closed the gates! WHEW!

The COE Parks, (Corps of Engineers) are so well managed, clean and always by a body of water, whether it is a lake, or dam, and offer playgrounds, and hook-ups.

Price- $18/night for water and electric (30 amp) and a dump station

Amenities- lake, swimming beach, playgrounds, clean shower/bath house

The staff was very friendly, and even though we were here for only a day, we could have easily stayed longer if it wasn't so hot!  (30 amps is NOT enough for a 40 ft. home on wheels!)


Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR.

In Hot Springs, AR., we stayed at a really cool, little spot.  I LOVE the natural spring running right behind our site, and the 'woodsy' feeling was so nice. :)

Price -$12/night!!!  With our National Park pass, we got our site (FULL HOOK-UPS!) for half price!

Amenities - bath house, trails, natural spring, picnic table, good size sites

The location was perfect to visit downtown Hot Springs National Park.  I would DEFINITELY recommend this campground, if you like the natural setting.  It would have been even better, had it been in the winter or spring time.  :)


Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park, West Memphis, AR.

While we were visiting the Memphis, TN. area, we were actually still in Arkansas!  HA!  We stayed in a great RV Park in West Memphis, AR., called, Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park.  

Although we planned on staying here for 10 days, it was just WAY too hot.  So we only stayed for 8. :)  If you are going to be in the Memphis area, it is a great location. (only about 15 minutes from downtown Memphis)  The price was nice, the RV park is cared for, and is on the out-skirts of Memphis, which is a good thing.  :)

Price - $$28/n or $162/week  for a big, pull-through site with full hook-ups

Amenities - FREE LAUNDRY!!!!!  LOVE it!!!!!!!!  Also, 3 fishing ponds, a tree house for the kids to explore and you are right on the bank of the Mississippi River, so you get to see the barges come in constantly.  There is plenty of space to play football, soccer, etc...  The shower/bathhouse was always clean too!

I honestly don't see us visiting the Memphis area any time soon, but if we were, I would definitely stay here again.  The managers were also very friendly.  We had our electricity cut off for a few hours, due to some maintenance issues, and they refunded our money for an entire days' stay!  They went over and above, in my opinion. :)


Green Acres RV Park, Savannah, TN.

"Green Acres, is the place to be!"

While we were in Savannah, TN., visiting Shiloh National Military Site, we stayed at Green Acres!
It was just what we needed after the sweltering heat in Memphis.

Price - $19/n - full hook ups, HUGE pull through site, (used our Passport America pass for 50% off)

Amenities - great pool, picnic table, laundry and shower/ bathrooms were clean, but very small.

We also went to the local church, Hopewell Baptist Church down the road, and it was such a blessing.  Their pastor preaches verse by verse, and the congregation was so friendly.
This is a great location if you want to visit Shiloh Battlefield, which only about 15 minutes away. :)


Seven Points COE Park, Nashville, TN.

Our stay in Nashville, TN. was just super!  We stayed here for a week and could have stayed longer. :)
Not only did the kids meet new friends, but Todd and I did, too.  It was a very clean, well maintained park, out in the middle of nature.

Price - $20/n for water and 50 amp hook ups.  They have a dump station on the way out of the park.  We  barely used our own shower and toilet while we stayed here, so it was no big deal.  This was a great bargain for the Nashville area, and it was also a nice location.  We felt safe, and were only 15 minutes from the 'hot spots' of town. :)

Amenities - variety of sites that are very large and private.  Each site has a picnic table, lantern hook and campfire ring.  The lake has a beach area and playground for the kids.  We swam everyday and had a blast!

The staff were friendly and took care of any problem within the park.  One of our neighbors' electricity shut off after a storm one night, and they fixed it in a couple of hours.  I would definitely stay here again in the future.


Diamond Caverns Thousand Trails Campground - Park City, 

While we were in Park City, KY., we stayed at a Thousand Trails campground for 2 weeks.  With our Zone Pass Membership, it only cost $3/night for full hook-ups!

We really enjoyed our stay here.  We were blessed with great neighbors, plenty of relaxation, karaoke, putt-putt golf, bike riding, movie nights, swimming and MUCH more!

It was just a few miles from Mammoth National Park, and about 30 miles from Abraham Lincoln's Birth site and Boyhood Historical Sites.

The staff here, were super sweet and did their best to make sure we felt like family. :)

We even experienced our first 'DISASTER' while we were here, too!  LONG story short, we came home from church, finding water running out of the RV!  We immediately cleaned everything with bleach and threw away a few things that were ruined.  After a lot of research and dissecting areas of the RV that got wet with the gray water (not the black water- THANK THE LORD!), we were able to settle and move on down the road. :)  Lord willing, there will not be any long-term damage done, and it is just one of those full-timer stories we get to share with others. :)

The campground was very helpful by letting us stay in their condo, but it was the staff and their genuine concern for us that spoke volumes.  I would DEFINITELY stay here again!


Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY.

While we were in Lexington, KY., we stayed at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground.  It is the perfect place to stay in this area.  We were only yards away from the Museum and about 20 miles from Frankfort, KY. to visit the capital.

Price -$30/n for water and 50 amps  and a dump station.

Amenities - Huge pool, playground, arcade room, several bath houses and laundry rooms.

Staff - They were o.k.  Most of the time, I had to talk with teenagers or college aged employees.  They were kind, but could of been more professional.

My only complaint is the bathrooms.  They were in serious need of cleaning on the weekend.  This park fills up BIG time for the weekends, and is pretty much empty during the week.

If we are in this area again, we would visit again, but make sure to come during the week!


Fort Boonesborough State Park, Richmond, KY.

While we were in Richmond, KY., we stayed at this campground for a few days.  It was clean and well manicured and only a mile from the old fort.  During the summer months, they have a really fun looking water slide/pool for a great price.

Price - $30/n for water and 50 amps and a dump station

Amenities - laundry, playgrounds and clean bathhouse.  There is a small store inside the main office, but look out!  The prices were outrageous!  Just 5 miles down the road is a Walmart!

If we were in the area again, we would definitely stay again.  The sites were big enough for our large rig, and the area was well kept.  :)


Raccoon Valley SKP RV Park, Heiskell, TN.

While we were in Heiskell, TN., we stayed at an SKP Park for almost a week.  It was about 20 minutes from the "Secret City," Oak Ridge, TN., and the Science and Energy Museum that we went to.

Price - $17/n for full hook ups

Amenities - There is not a whole lot here, but there is a VERY clean pool, VERY clean bath/shower house and a small recreation building.

I LOVE SKP parks because, I know that there will be friendly staff and neighbors, and VERY clean facilities.  :)

This was a nice stop, but any more than a week would have been over the top for us!  It is ideal for a couple of days, though.


Bear Cove RV Park, Pigeon Forge, TN.

While we were in Pigeon Forge, TN., we stayed at Bear Cove RV Park for a MONTH!

It was a great place that soon became home. :)  Their nightly rates are a little high, and even their weekly rates are out of our league, but their monthly rate of $550 was TOTALLY acceptable.  And worth it!

We had the perfect site, located right in front of the pool, laundry and bathhouse.

Just a few steps away, and we are swimmin'!

The staff was also cleaning the pool, cleaning the bathrooms and mowing or trimming every single day.

The bath house had 3 private bathrooms for women and 3 private bathrooms for men.  Aren't these cute?!

The laundry was a little high; $2.00/wash and $2.00/dry, but they worked well.

There is SO much to do in Pigeon Forge, as you can see from all the other posts I made, so I definitely recommend staying here and taking advantage of their awesome monthly rate, staff and amenities!


Green Mountain Park -Thousand Trails, Lenoir, NC.

Our first campground in North Carolina was Green Mountain.  It is part of our Thousand Trails membership, so we decided to stay for 2 weeks.  While we were here, we went thrift store shopping, played putt-putt  and hung out around the campground most of the time.

Price - $3/night (just can't beat that!)

Amenities - right now, everything is pretty much shut down for the fall and winter, however, I think it would be MUCH more fun and lively in the summer time.  There is a small pool, putt-putt, trails and a small pond with row boats.

Staff - they were fine.  (not overly friendly, but certainly not rude)

We had full hook ups, so we used our own shower/bathroom, which is good, because the campground's shower house was old and dated.  I saw the staff cleaning it daily, but it still looks so worn down.

Also, if you stay here, beware of the HUGE hills!  Stay in the lower section close to the main office! :)


Birchwood RV Park, Durham, NC.

Well, when we visited Durham, NC., we found out REAL quick, that there are not many options. :(
It is not the safest location in North Carolina either. :(

However, we were able to stay here for one night......with out incident. :)

(Although, the day we were packing to leave, we did notice the police patrolling the area, driving really fast, slowing down, and scanning the park......just saying......)

Price - $30/n for full hookups, and they GOTCHA because it is the ONLY place to camp!

Amenities - none that I am aware of, and did not take the time to locate them. :)

I would not go back here again.  I would DEFINITELY stay in Mebane, NC. and take a day trip to the Durham area next time!

Life sure has its adventures!


Hagan-Stone Park, Pleasant Garden, NC.

While we were enjoying our 'pleasant' stay in Pleasant Garden, NC., we stayed at this little RV Park.

Price - $20/night (water & electric) and a dump station.

Amenities - There is a wonderful playground, trails and that small town feeling. :)  Also, in the community park, there is a HUGE playground for all ages, even handicap kids, too!

Staff- The staff were really nice, and check in was a piece of cake.

My only complaint is the bath/shower house.  It was so old and dirty.  It was also BUGGY!  The first night we were there, I had a shower with 4 beetles and had to kill a spider.  EEeewwww!

I literally waited 3 days before my next shower.  I just couldn't do it.

The campground was clean, and we felt very safe.  If they put in FULL hook-ups and modern bathrooms, it would be PERFECT.  So, as long as you can use your own shower for your time there, I would definitely recommend it.  Otherwise, just make sure you bring a fly-swatter to the shower!


Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet, SC.

Our time at this state parkwas a mixed bag. :)

After the lovely experience of a Daddy-Long-Leg spider crawling on my hiney, while I was going to the restroom.....YEP.  You read that right....... I thought it was going to be a LONG week.

At this campground, there are very few full hook-up sights, so we ended up with a water/electric sight, which means, that we had to use the campground's bathhouse.  There are 3 in the entire area, but the one right next to our sight was AWFUL.  It was like stepping into a Daddy-Long -Leg DEN!  AWFUL!

It just so happened, that Hannah and Emily found a BEAUTIFUL, SPARKLING clean bathhouse at the front of the park!  YEAH!  We were saved!

Now, to the park's defense, after I complained, very sweetly, they sent someone out and did their best to fix the situation in the 'spider den.'  But, in my humble opinion, they just need to burn the place, and rebuild. ;)

Our stay was a wonderful experience overall!  The beach is only a few yards away, the sites are HUGE, and the staff was great.

Price- $30/night  for a water/electric sight

Amenities- the Atlantic Ocean only steps away!  Make sure you use the front bathhouse, walking trails, fire rings and picnic tables

Staff-  really helpful and worked hard to keep the campers happy

We would definitely stay here again.  It is so close to Myrtle Beach, with out all the 'hub-bub.'


The Oaks at Point South, Yemassee, SC.

While we visited North Charleston, Beaufort and Parris Island, we stayed at this Thousand Trails park for 2 weeks in Yemassee, SC.  It was right off the freeway, but set back in the woods, so it was very quiet.  It felt as if we were camping in the woods, surrounded by moss-covered live-oak trees.  I also thought it was pretty nice, because it is relatively small.

Price -$3/night

Amenities -the bath house was clean, and the laundry was cheap and worked great!  There is a small game room and gathering room, too.

Staff -they were so friendly and helpful

The only downer about the campground, is its location.  Everything is at least 30 minutes away, but with our membership price of $3/n, it was worth the stay.


Coastal GA. RV Park, Brunswick, GA.

While we were in Brunswick, GA., we stayed a very nice, very new rv park.  It was such a special place for us to stay for a couple of weeks while we celebrated Thanksgiving, visited Jekyll Island, coastal Georgia and had some rv repairs done. :)

The boys were in Heaven!  They made at least $500 washing rv's, trucks and cars!  WHOO HOO!

Price -$240/week (includes full hook-ups, cable and wifi)

Amenities - playground, pool, game room, out door kitchen, fishing pond and BEAUTIFUL bathrooms and laundry facilities!

Staff - they were super sweet.  They let us use their conference room for our Thanksgiving celebration, which includes a full kitchen and bathroom, too.

The campground recommended Barry Strickland for our rv repairs, and he came to our site and fixed the issue with out a hitch! (no pun intended!)

We would DEFINITELY stay here again!


Thomas Hardeeville RV Park, Hardeeville, SC.

If you want to visit Savannah, GA., then you should stay here!!  It is a great location.  You are only 15 minutes to Tybee Island or downtown Savannah.  :)  Technically, you are in South Carolina, but the border is only a few minutes away.

Price - $21/night -includes tax, cable, wifi, and full hook-ups!  (with Passport America membership)

Amenities - cable, wifi and a laundry, but I did not use it while we were here.  You also need to be 'self-contained' because there is not a bathhouse.

We felt safe here, the grounds are well kept and the sites were pretty level.  We would definitely stay here again, if we are in the area.  You can not beat the price!


Sumter Oaks SKP RV Park, Bushnell, FL.

While we were in Bushnell, FL., for about a week, we stayed at Sumter Oaks, which is an Escapee park.  We really enjoyed our stay here.  The people were SO sweet!  On three different days, a "Secret Elf" dropped off a Christmas surprise on our steps. :)  AWESOME!

Price - $18/ night (includes full hook ups, cable and wifi

Amenities - heated INDOOR pool!  Bonus!  Big Lodge with pool tables, craft room, sewing room, tv room and affordable laundry and more.

We would definitely stay here again!  The escapee members are just great, welcoming, helpful people, and they always take care of the campgrounds.


Orlando TT Park, Clermont, FL.

For two weeks, we stayed at the campground in Clermont, FL.  It is a perfect location to visit Orlando and all the Disney attractions.  So far, this is my absolute FAVORITE Thousand Trails campground!

Price- $3/night for 2 weeks!  LOVE IT!

Amenities- 2 heated pools, hot tub, tennis & pickle ball courts, putt-putt golf, bowling, shuffle board, gameroom with air hockey, and pool tables, concession/food court, weight room......
Do you get the idea?!!!!  This place has it ALL.

The sites are of differing sizes, so depending on where you are, you could have a smallish site, or a really huge, spacious site.  There are around 800 sites at the campground, so the park is ENORMOUS.  They offer 30 or 50 amp, too.

The bath houses were a little dated, but cleaned regularly and the laundry room was in great condition, too. :)

We would definitely stay here again, in fact, we are planning on it when we visit Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios!!  Can't wait! :)


Vacation Village RV Park, Largo, FL.

We stayed at this RV park for a week, in Largo, FL.  It is a little comical, because, they assigned us one of their "Elite" sites, however, I'm not sure WHY it was "Elite?" ;)
The overall experience was o.k, but our company (the Harper family) made it MUCH more bearable.

With that said, though, the staff was very friendly, and you can tell that they are trying really hard to make this a great rv park.  The pool was beautiful and warm, and the newly renovated bathhouse was nice, too.

Price- $120/week (with our Thousand Trails membership)

Amenities - full hook-ups, pool, pool tables, volleyball, bath house.

The location is just perfect.  You are less than 20 minutes to many different beaches and the city of Tampa.


Thousand Trails Peace River, Wauchula, FL.

In Wauchula, FL., we stayed at this campground for 2 weeks.  Along with our friends, the Harper's and the Haigood's, there were a few grumpy folks, but MORE, much MORE friendly folks!

Wauchula is out in the country, with a Walmart, and few other 'main' attractions, but honestly, it is out in the middle of no where! HA!  However, with that said, they have done a fantastic job coordinating all kinds of activities; including musical performances, ceramics, crafts, magicians, pickle-ball tournaments, water aerobics and more.  Their pool and hot tub was SOOO warm, that we had to get out to cool off on some days! :)

Price - $3/n for 2 weeks

Amenities - renovated bath houses, nice laundry facilities, pool, hot tub, playground, pool tables, pickle ball courts, and the Peace River in the back, where you can hunt for their resident alligators.

You just can't beat the price of the Thousand Trails' parks!  Even if they might be a little out of the way, it is such a great place to 'rest' and save money.


Pioneer Village RV Park, North Fort Myers, FL.

When we were in North Fort Myers, we stayed a week at this campground.

It was a great location for visiting the Sanibel Islands and Fort Myers area.

Price - $120/week

Amenities - Great, heated pool and hot tub, pool tables, library and recreation hall, older bath house, and really nice laundry

It was a nice place to stay for the area, but it was extremely tight to fit our BIG rig in there.  Todd is an "expert" driver, and managed to fit right in, but I don't know if I would stay again, because of the size of our rv.


Jolly Roger Travel Park, Marathon, FL.

Visiting the Keys of Florida can be a little tricky.  If you are SUPER organized and a great planner, then make a reservation about a YEAR in advance, so you can stay at one of the wonderful state parks. ;)

If you like to 'roll with it' like me, then you will want to stay somewhere like Jolly Roger!

Another tricky part, is the cost, and the proximity to grocery stores, or tourist attractions.  Just budget plenty of extra cash for lodging, gas and a day or two of fun, and you can enjoy your time.  I also recommend that you go grocery shopping BEFORE you enter the Keys of Florida.

So, for 3 days, we went to the beach, Mallory Square, the MOST Southern Point and Hemingway's home.  If you are on a budget, 3 days is plenty to fit it all in with out stretching your sanity!

Price - $35/night PLUS extra fees for kids and tax = $50/night WITH A PASSPORT AMERICA (50%) DISCOUNT!!!

Amenities - This is a large park, but the sites were a little crowded.  Todd, with his excellent driving skills, was able to fit into our spot, but it may be tight for other big rigs.  There is a laundry and bathhouse, but we did not use them.  (The bathrooms have curtains instead of doors.....a little risky for me and my kiddos!) ;)
There is also a beautiful pier, deck and swimming beach in the back of the park.  We also enjoyed the heated pool.

I thought the location was perfect for visiting the Keys.  From the Everglades, it only took over an hour to get there, and it was not crazy-busy with traffic, like it is further south (over an hour) in Key West.

If we ever visit the Keys in the future, I will definitely reserve a beautiful, ocean-view, state park site!  Jolly Roger was a good second choice though.


Sunshine Travel RV Park, Vero Beach, FL.

Sunshine Travel is a great RV park.  Their property is SPOTLESS.  Their staff is very friendly and helpful.  When they saw the size of our rig, they gave us a huge site, right next to the pool and Lodge.

Price - $99/week + plus taxes and fees = $120/week

Amenities - Beautiful pool, HUGE, clean laundry facility with 10 washers and 10 dryers!  Very nice, private, and clean bathhouse.  They have an active community there, so there were people involved in all kinds of horseshoe tournaments, meals, kayak trips, etc....  They also had a fun putt-putt course, too.

We would definitely come back here with the $99/week deal.  They had a "Special" for Thousand Trails' members during the months of December - March, and I am glad we took advantage of it. :)


Eagles Landing RV Park, Holt, Fl.

While we were visiting the Pensacola area, we stayed in Holt, FL., about 45 minutes away, at this nice campground.

The staff were very friendly and welcoming.  Although it was not our first choice, (the state park was full) :) we enjoyed our time here.

Price- $160 for a week with full hook ups

Amenities- A very small bath room, no shower house and a small laundry room.  It is a 'no frills' park, but that was ok with us.  I did use the laundry facility; which worked great.

If we were in the area, we would probably try to get into the state park again, but this park is a nice
 'Plan B." :)


Audubon Acres RV Park, Abbeville, LA.

If you want to visit Avery Island in Louisiana, then you need to stay at Audubon Acres!  The owner is so helpful and kind, and just so genuine.  It is a very small rv park, but on private property, in the country.  We felt very safe and liked the simplicity of the park, compared to the busy, traffic-filled city parks.

Price - $10/ night for full hook-ups, using our Passport America discount!  Love it!

Amenities - none, except a huge field for the kids to play. ;)

We would definitely stay here again!  Tell Joe we sent you. :)


Bayou Segnette State Park, Westwego, LA.

We stayed at Bayou Segnette for 6 days, while visiting the New Orleans area.  I ABSOLUTELY recommend this park!  Although, there are no full hook-ups, it is THE PLACE to stay. ;)

Price -$26/night for electric and water and a dump station (in the winter, it is less $$)

Amenities - HUGE sites, trails, free laundry (although the machines were broke :( ), a water park, and only 20 minutes from the Algiers Ferry (which is free), that takes you to Canal Street in New Orleans.

We felt safe here, and it was a quiet, clean place to stay.  I would definitely stay here again, if we were in the area.


Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, AL.

While we stayed in Summerdale, Al., we enjoyed our time at this campground.  We are Escapee members, so any time we know that there is a campground in an area that we want to visit, we definitely take advantage of their wonderful facilities.

The location was perfect for visiting the USS Alabama in Mobile and Lambert's cafe, too. :)

Price -$16/night plus a couple of dollars electricity per night

Amenities - They have large sites, GREAT laundry for only $0.75/load!!!!, and a large dining/activity center.  The people, as usual, were so friendly and welcoming, too. :)

We LOVE Escapees campgrounds!  We would definitely return.


Ameristar RV Park, Vicksburg, MS.

While we were in Vicksburg, MS. for a few days, we stayed here.  Although it is part of the local casino, it is far enough away, that you can't even 'see' the gamblers or hear the cha-ching of their winnings! HA!

Price -$23/night for full hook ups

Amenities - they do have a small, but clean laundry and tv room.  Other than that, it is a safe, clean park to stay in the area.

If we can make it back to see Vicksburg National Park, this is where we would stay.