Friday, November 30, 2012

Game Time!!

Of course, the Jacksonville, FL. football stadium is located by St. John's River.  It was the PERFECT spot for a tailgating party; complete with great friends, beautiful sunshine, and a few yachts.

The Harper and Golden families joined forces and decided to go to our FIRST EVER NFL game!
Whoo Hoo!!

We were soakin' in the sun, and stuffin' our faces with yummy hot dogs, fresh off the grill.

There is the good lookin' chef.

We aren't HUGE Jacksonville fans, but we didn't care!  We just wanted to see a football game! HA!

Even with the stadium at half capacity, it was a crowded and exciting atmosphere.

The Jaguars are struggling this year and before this game, had a 1-9 record.  Not good, right?

But, you would have never known that was the case, by the organization and the fans!  It was so FUN!  They launched these t-shirts up in the air, and Janet and I pretty much tackled each other for it!  Hilarious.  Travis caught the other shirt, so Todd offered him $5 bucks for it!  Thanks're the man!

This guy was the ULTIMATE fan.  He literally yelled the ENTIRE GAME.  Seriously.

Not only was it a great game, but the Jacksonville Jaguars WON!  YEAH!!!

And, just when we thought the party was over......not so much.
We even saw Elvis in the parking lot!  He looks SO good for his age. ;)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Joys of Jekyll Island

 Last weekend, we drove to Jekyll Island, also known as "Millionaires Island."

First, we strolled the shell-covered beach.  It sounded like popcorn popping when you stepped on it!

GORGEOUS  Glory Beach.

It is here, where Denzel Washington, one of my favorite actors, starred in the Civil War movie, Glory!

After the kids froze their toes off in the ocean, they ran and ran and ran some more on the local soccer field.

As if that wasn't enough, Todd spun them round and round and round.

Totally randomly cool.  Hannah found a Knobbed Whelk; which is Georgia's State Seashell!  What is funny, is she found it on the soccer field!  Not the beach!  :)

After all that running and spinning, we were all hungry for lunch.

There were about 10 squirrels that wanted us to feed them, too!  They would come right up to us as we were sitting at the table.

Then, with full stomachs, we headed to Jekyll Island's 'heart' of the island.  It was such a pretty day.  We walked upon this MONSTROUS oak tree!  So beautiful.

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel was just a dream.  I can't imagine what it might cost to stay one night here!?

Being the nosy tourists that we are, we wanted to get a closer look. :)  The front porch was so quaint, filled with sun chairs and rocking chairs.

And finally, we watched a Glass Blowing demonstration at Jekyll Glass Blowing Center.  She was so good at her craft.  Notice, she isn't  wearing any gloves!

With each tool, or process, she explained what she was doing, so we could understand the whole project.  It is so intricate.  I really appreciate the value of these little figurines, now more than before.

She made a Christmas ornament and a dolphin with a santa hat!  Just amazing.

It was a great family day.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Georgia!! State #25! & Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, we have reached the half-way mark of our traveling goal!  WHOO HOO!

When we reached Georgia, we quickly started preparing for a very special  Thanksgiving.  The Harper family came over to our campground, where we met up in the conference room, complete with a full kitchen and plenty of tables for people and FOOD! :)  Like last year, we had a fantastic feast and stuffed our faces!

Afterwards, we played more games and shared SO many laughs.

The kids first had a blast conquering a scavenger hunt, and then the game that absolutely cracked me up!

We had to carry an acorn with a straw across the room, not once, but THREE times!  It was HILARIOUS!

No.  Smoking marijuana is not legal in Georgia and Scott is NOT smoking it!  HA!  So, so funny!

Poor Shae!  It took her at least 50 tries to get that acorn across the room!

Outside, we all tried to balance 3 golf balls on each other.  It is TOUGH.
Todd was able to get 2. :)

But, it was Scott who got all three!!  YEAH!  (he should, right?  he used to work in a golf shop many moons ago!)

I sure hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.  God is good all the time.  And all the time, God is good.  :)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Natural Gifts

Part of the full-timing experience that we want to give our children, is the 'natural surroundings' that we can find from state to state.  I LOVE how different each state looks, and 'feels.'  Some have mountains, pines, deserts, beaches and on and on.  Some states 'feel' more friendly or patriotic.  But each one has something special to offer.

Welcome to South Carolina!  You will find swamps, wet lands, beaches and GATORS!

At the Oaks at Point South Campground, there is a lovely sign that lead us crazy curious-minded visitors towards the back of the park.  There are 3 lakes and lots of grass to take a calm stroll.  Then, if your looking......... carefully....

You will find a 6 foot Alligator!  In the natural setting!  NOT in a zoo.  Not behind a fence.  Just OUT there for you to see!!!


This part of our traveling just never gets boring.  You just don't know what might be around the bend, down the hill, or on the bank of a pond.  ;)

Take the time to look for the 'gifts' the Lord has given!  They are everywhere.


The Oaks at Point South - Campground Review

While we visited North Charleston, Beaufort and Parris Island, we stayed at this Thousand Trails park for 2 weeks in Yemassee, SC.  It was right off the freeway, but set back in the woods, so it was very quiet.  It felt as if we were camping in the woods, surrounded by moss-covered live-oak trees.  I also thought it was pretty nice, because it is relatively small.

Price -$3/night

Amenities -the bath house was clean, and the laundry was cheap and worked great!  There is a small game room and gathering room, too.

Staff -they were so friendly and helpful

The only downer about the campground, is its location.  Everything is at least 30 minutes away, but with our membership price of $3/n, it was worth the stay.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Harper's & Golden's Sweet Reunion!

Last year, we met the Harper family, on the road, in Arizona.  We spent a couple of weeks with them and became the BEST of friends!  Ever since, we have been emailing and skyping and trip planning, all with the hopes of seeing each other again.

Well, the reunion has happened here in South Carolina!  Yep.  On the eastern side of the country this time.  :)

It has been so much fun eating and hanging out with them.

Janet is SO creative and planned all these great games.  Both of our families are EXTREMELY competitive, so it is such a hoot!  We have a whole lot of fun stuff planned for the coming weeks, too.  (Thanksgiving, Christmas, NFL games, and Tim Hawkins Concert, just to name a few!)

Yeah for wonderful friendships!  I feel so blessed.  :)


Friday, November 23, 2012

Parris Island Marine Base

Both our boys are EXTREMELY interested in joining the military.  So, while we are traveling all over America, we are speaking with veterans and visiting military bases.

As you drive further into the Parris Island Marine Base, you are welcomed with this huge sign. :)

The Manning family followed us over to take in the sights and sounds of this military action!  Here are some of the soldiers drilling with their weapons.

We sat quietly listening to this drill sergeant as he lead his troops.

It was awesome to see the groups marching and drilling simultaneously with others.  It was truly a patriotic moment for all of us.

On the base, we visited the free museum.  We were running out of time, but you could spend a whole day in there!  It was full of information about the Marines.  So interesting.

One of our favorite parts were the pictures of the marines going through the Crucible.  You Have to complete this excruciating week before you can graduate as an official Marine.

LOVE this mosaic.

Good ole' Ronald Reagan.

 I miss him.  sniff....sniff.....

More soldiers training. :)

Totally cool Hummer!

When the 'fresh' boys, right off the bus, show up at the base, they are told to stand on the yellow feet.  I think it is awesome how they are immediately put into training, right from the first second.  Minutes after this, they shave their heads and are off and running in boot camp!

Manning Family, it was so fun spending the day with you!  Hope to see you again soon!