Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Witte Museum & Big Lou's Pizza!

Today we went to Witte Museum, and we really had a great time.  We spent about 3 hours here, and there was SO much to see.  It had lots of "hands-on" science experiments!  LOVE it.  :)

Afterwards, for dinner, we went to Big Lou's Pizza!  We watch "Man vs. Food" from time to time, and made it a priority to visit this place of choice.  All I have to say, is, let the pics speak for themselves......

Yes....that is a REAL mummy......eeewww.... :)
Here is a log home that we went in to, but it also had the actual tools that would have been used to construct log homes back then.  Hannah and Emily also had an opportunity to "build" a log home too.

In the 4-story Tree house, there were all kinds of activities for the kids.  The theme is "How Things Work," and it had everything from Shuttle races, air pressure, gravity, pulleys, gears, wheels, mills and how airplanes fly to making music with homeade pipe organs and "talking tubes." (how sound travels) 

Outside, there was this AMAZING Treehouse!  It reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson. :)  It did not take long before I heard the kids playing an adventurous dramatic. :) 

On the grounds, was this statue named, "Christ and the Little Children."

They rode a "sky-cycle" and climbed a rock wall! :)

And now, what you all have been waiting for....


Can you say, "GINORMOUS!!??"  We all did our best to eat just ONE slice, and I could not finish mine!  It was just HUGE, but also really delicious. ;)
Now, we have lunch for tomorrow, dinner for tomorrow, lunch the next day, dinner for the next day.......



  1. We are REALLY enjoying following your adventures! The kids had seen the episode of Big Lou's on "Man Vs. Food", so they could appreciate y'all going there! They said in the episode, they "hid" a baby behind one slice of pizza...Now, THAT's big!!!

    Btw, could you message me the details about how you found The Admiral. I'm just curious if you went online shopping, looked at RV dealerships, or if you found "her" another way.

  2. OH MY!!! I HAVE NEVER HEARD OR SEEN ANY FOOD, LET ALONE PIZZA THAT HUGE!!!!!!! That is just hilarious!!! :)
    We are enjoying following your blog! Thanks for keeping us posted on where you are!!!

    Love you!

    Jill and the boys :)

  3. ya'll are so cute! You look like your enjoying your adventure! I'm enjoying living it through your blogs! =)

  4. Stumbled upon your blog through a search for homeschool families that full-time and I have enjoyed reading your posts! It's an inspiration to me and I'm trying to convince my family that full-timing would be awesome, lol. My wife and I have a son who's 4 and our daughter is 2 in July, and have been thinking about homeschooling them, and I've always thought doing it while on the road would be the best way to teach them. BTW, I think I'm going to have to hit Lou's and try to polish off at least half of one of those monster pizza's, lol. God Bless!