Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Precious Moments

When in Carthage, Mo., one HAS to visit the Precious Moments Chapel and Museum.  :)  I am not someone who collects a bunch of things, but I have collected a few of these sweet figurines. :)  Something about the tear-drop eyes has always made me smile. 

The museum and chapel was so much more than we thought it was going to be.  The buildings are spread out on about 2200 acres of beautiful rolling rills.  This was honestly more of a treat for me, than for the kids, but they did seem to appreciate the artist's testimony and intricate work. 

These are pics of the inside of the world's largest Precious Moments gift shop.  Too cute.  :)
Below, the pics show the grounds on the way to the Chapel and Museum.

Once inside, it was just beautiful.  From the front door made of Nava wood from the Phillipines, which was hand carved, to the gorgeous ceiling painted like the Sistine Chapel!  On the walls, it presents the Old Testament on one side, and the New Testament on the other.  It was such a peaceful and personal place. 

Outside, on our way to the museum, we saw this wonderful display of Jesus' Resurrection. :)

This is the playhouse that is on the property, usually open to the kids, but because of all the rain in the local area in the past weeks.....

Once inside the museum, we admired the FIRST 21 figurines Mr. Butcher made.  Did you know that he first started making greeting cards?!

Thank you Mr. Butcher for a wonderful visit.  :)  Thank you for also making it family friendly and FREE!

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