Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oklahoma City Science Museum

Today, we went to the Science Museum and spent a good 4 hours there, and still did not see everything!  We enjoyed ourselves and appreciated all the experiments and interactive activities.  We also went to our first Planetarium too!  This was too cool!  The man who lead the teaching time and descriptions of all the constellations was just outstanding.  :)  He really new his stuff, but brought it down a bit, so that the kids could understand.  I am learning SO much, right alongside my kids.  I just LOVE homeschooling!  :)

Space suits, similators, gravity experiments, and many other space themed games were a really fun part of this museum.

If you look closely, the kids were operating robotic arms, and trying pick up and move balls and blocks inside the case. :)

This was too funny!  We are in the Gymnastics Hall of Fame area of the museum, and they have all these colorful mats and balance beams and such.  Parker noticed the old recordings of the champions tumbling, and tried to mimic them!  I was cracking up as he was in his own little world!  :)

This is the largest treehouse we have EVER seen!  It is 4 stories high, indoors, and has the countries' tallest spiral-slide!  Yee-Haw!  :)  Obviously, the kids LOVED it!

Even better, we were able to get into the museum FREE!  I love our Happy Hollow Museum Membership. :)


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  1. Hi Stephanie! I remembered your blog this evening and thought I would check up on your family vacation! Looks like a ton of fun! I love Big Lou's pizza!

    Hope ya'll are doing well, and be careful!