Saturday, April 30, 2011

George Washington Carver National Monument

Yesterday, we had the privilege of visiting the George Washington Carver National Monument.  The grounds were just gorgeous, and the entire museum and park were beautifully organized.

We have been reading his biography by, David Collins for the last couple of weeks, so we were really excited about this place!  It was also a chance to earn another Jr. Ranger badge. :)

Mr. Carver was not only a highly educated man, he was a man of God.  He, like David, was a man after God's own heart.  He studied and memorized scripture, but most importantly, he LIVED it.  He truly was a man that sought the Lord and His direction for his life in everything.  He was also such a humble man. 

George W. Carver found 300 uses from the peanut and 100 from the sweet potato.  He helped the southern farmers and their families grow healthy crops and prosper, when times were dire.  Even when Thomas Edison, himself, offered Mr. Carver over $100,000 salary to work in his laboratory, he respectfully declined.  He stated many times, that money was of no use to him, and lived simply.  :)

The museum was really great with an old time classroom, filled with original Blue Spellers and McGuffey Readers. :)  There were artifacts like his old marbles, paintings, sketches, letters, and bedroom furniture.  It also had interviews recorded, a short video and a science lab with all kinds of microscopic slides and specimens. 
But, then, we went outside.  :)
Ranger Anne took us on a guided tour of the grounds where George Washington Carver grew up and was raised as a young boy! It was inspiring.

 This shows the dimensions of his home.  It is about the same size as our RV living area! :)

Here is one of the two natural springs on the property.

These are pictures of Moses Carver's home that he built for his wife, Susan.  George did not grow up in this home, because it was built much later in life.  This other spring, was right near the home, and was SO cold!  They used to use the freezing water to keep their milk and butter cold by building a "box,"  or icebox into the spring!  Too cool.  :)

Here is the cemetary of the Carver family and relatives.  They adopted George when he was an orphaned, mute, slave.  They treated him as their own son, thus, the name: George(from his real father), Washington(from President George Washington, who was known for being honest) and Carver-his family name. :)
Here, are the kids recieving their badges. :)

Todd could not resist his "Forrest Gump" moment.  Ha!  :)


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