Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parker's Driving Skills!!!

Oh, this was JUST too funny not to share!!!  :)

While we were at LEGOLAND, Parker was driving a little, yellow LEGO car.  He was having so much fun, and we all laughed so hard it hurt!

He was SO proud of his achievement, and we were so happy for him!

Here goes:


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 Last Saturday, we went to Legoland in Carlsbad, CA.  It was SO exciting for us to finally reach this place, because Zach, especially, just loves to play them.  He has always played with them.  It fuels a creative vibe in his mind, that no other toy can fulfill.  Now, Parker is also playing with them, and even the girls enjoy them!  In fact, after our trip here, the girls mentioned how they would like to start playing with Legos more!  (hint....hint..... they have girlie colors, Grandparents! :)

 This park, to me, is half-amusement park, half-museum!  It was just mind boggling to see so many different objects made COMPLETELY out of legos!  An elephant that shoots out water!

A Volvo!!

Indiana Jones!  Harrison Ford, eat your heart out!  :)

 But Legoland had other things for the kids, like this HUGE play center, with slides and ladders galore!

 They also have a room where the kids could build their own race cars, and have races.  Parker LOVED it! He kept racing his car, and winning!  (I think Daddy had something to do with it)  :)

There is an amazing section of the park where popular locations are 'rebuilt!'
New York.....

 The White House.....

Our nation's Capitol....

Mount Rushmore....

 The Golden Gate Bridge.....

And then, there is the Star Wars section......
 Me. Oh. My.....

 If you could have seen my kids, running from one scene to the other, yelling, "Look!  Wow!"
 They were recalling the scenes and characters.......

 Too cool....

 Of course, they had to fight Darth Vader.  :)

Except for his cape, the entire structure is out of LEGOS!

 Tanner was trying to converse with Shakespeare......I am not sure how well that went!  :)

One of our most favorite Presidents, Abraham Lincoln.....

 Elvis!!!  Thank you.  Thank you very much.......

 But, it was the rides at Legoland, that brought on the most laughs and smiles from the Golden Gang!

 Come on Emily!  You can do it!!

Whoo Hoo!!!!  This ride was AWESOME!!!  We all had such a blast!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Another Full-Time Family!!

 While we were in Riverside, CA., we hooked up with the Lundy family, and also met their friends, the McClowskey's.  :)  The kids had so much fun swimming.....

 Eating by the campfire, and 'hunting' for more sticks!

It was such an encouragement to meet them and talk about this crazy-wonderful lifestyle!  We are looking forward to meeting up with them again, hopefully next year on the east coast!

What a treat!  Thanks Lundy's!

Rancho Jarupa Campground Review

We stayed here while we were in Riverside, about 40 minutes from Los Angeles.  It was such a great park with VERY clean ammenities and grounds.  They also cater to families, so that was also a nice feeling.  :)

Price $210.00 for a week

We stayed in the new, Cottonwood section, but there is a more rustic section that is $165/week.  We felt is was worth the extra cost for Wifi, cable and a nice slab site since we were staying a week.  :)

Ammenities- Really nice 'code' locking Restrooms/showers and laundry.  The kids LOVED the Splash Pad, and went out everyday.  There are also bike trails, and security.

We really enjoyed this park, and felt so comfortable here.  They have a great set up, and I would recommend this park, if you want to visit Los Angeles. 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, OH MY!!!

Well, we made it to Los Angeles on Tanner's birthday!  He is fourteen!!!!  I just can't believe it.  Fourteen.  (moment of silence please.......)  (sniff......sniff......)

O.K., I am fine, and BELIEVE me, he is GREAT!
He was so excited when I told him that we were going to be in Hollywood for his birthday.  I honestly did not know how he would take it.  You see, all though we LOVE good movies, we do NOT love what Hollywood seems to do to people.
You know, you hear about it all the time.  A somewhat, sweet girl or boy goes to Hollywood, and they are changed from that moment on.  Lindsey, Britney, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber,  and on and on....
So, we made a day of it.  It was exciting when we saw the Hollywood sign for the first time.  :)

It was fun to walk around looking and reading all the stars on the 'Walk of Fame.'

On Hollywood Blvd. we ate at the most fancy McDonald's I have EVER seen in my life!  It costs the same, and tastes the same, in case you were wondering!  :)

We drove down the Sunset Strip, with all the pretty palm trees lined up along the road.  :)

And, yes, we found Beverly Hills.  I never thought I would drive through this area of America, and yet we did!  I have seen many of these locations in so many movies or shows, so it was fun seeing it in 'real life!'

Rodeo Drive.......

Very clean, white, Rodeo Drive......   :)

Driving through Beverly Hills, we saw SOOO many BMW's, Mercedes, Range Rovers, Corvettes, limos and even an Aston Martin.  I just can not fathom, spending that kind of money on a CAR!!!!  UG!!!

Beverly Hills Hotel........

Tanner wanted two things for his birthday:
1. A new watch
2. A carmel frappachino
Happily, he received both!  :)

Later, after our sight-seeing day in Los Angeles, we head home for some yummy birthday cake and icecream!  
How do we celebrate birthdays, so far away from Grandparents?
That is Todd and the rest of us singing "Happy Birthday" to Tanner.  :)

Now, it is a family joke, that Tanner does not ever get to blow out his OWN candles.  We have it on video, time and time again, where someone is always blowing his candles out, and he gets SO upset.  Well, this time, we let him do it ALL BY HIMSELF!  He was SO thrilled and thankful!  HA!  I'm tellin' you, it is the little things that mean so much!  :)

Happy Birthday Tanner!  We love you so much!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zach's Corner!!!

Zach's Home Made Light Saber!!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Park Sierra RV Park Campground Review

Our time in Coarsegold, CA., was so relaxing and a great experience.  We stayed at Park Sierra, an Escapees Park, for 50% off, because we were first time visitors!  Only $50 for a WEEK!!!
You read that right!

Price- $50/week  (regular price is still only $100/week)  :)

Ammenities- great laundry room, ( about 12 washers, and 12 dryers), clean restrooms/showers, HUGE clubhouse with movies, games, eating area, pool table, and affordable concessions.

The area is very clean and shows a lot of pride.  Everyone is SOOO friendly, too.  We were invited to eat at their Friday night dinner fellowship, and everyone was so encouraging and welcoming.  One man also gave Tanner a Swiss Army knife (with Todd's permission)!  :)

If you plan on visiting Yosemite National Park, or will be in the area, become an Escapee, and stay at Park Sierra!  It is so worth it!


Down Time in Coarsegold

Last week, we spent a week at an Escapee's RV park, and had a nice, relaxing stay.  It is a great campground up in the mountains, with lots of sunshine and shade!  :)  They have a REALLY nice club house with games, movies, workout equipment, pool table, and a huge area for meal times and fellowship.  We were first time visitors, and this year, you can stay here for only $50 for a WEEK!!!  Full hook-ups, laundry, very clean restrooms/showers and the grounds show so much pride and care.

We have been getting a lot of school done, and the kids' attitudes about school work is great.  They start up in the morning, and they are done by lunch time.  Every now and then, Tanner might work a little longer, but that is expected, since he is in 8th grade.

The kids have been playing on our site outside where there is a small 'forest' and a steep hill that  they would almost dive off of and run around!  The girls were in a creative mood one afternoon, and built this fancy 'tent' inside the RV, and then decided to have tea.  :)  Well, Parker HAD to get in on that fun, too!  
They are hilarious.  

This week has also had something happen that is HUGELY EXCITING!!!!!

Parker is potty-training!!!!!!!!!!!
He is doing really great!  We are SO excited and the kids are great about cheering him on every time he 'goes.'  :)  While we were in Coarsegold, we had planned on visiting Yosemite National Park, but with Parker wanting to train, I felt is was much more important to just take it easy, and stay close to a restroom!  HA!  We will visit Yosemite another time.  :)  Gladly.  :)