Friday, August 31, 2012

Frankfort, KY.

 While we were in Lexington, KY., we decided to visit the capital of Kentucky.  What a grand place.

This is the inside of the huge dome!  It is lit with LED lights that actually change colors, too!

 Here is a mural on one of the corners of the dome.

Of course, Lincoln is center stage. :)

 In the reception and meeting room, we saw the Infinity mirror.  How many chandeliers do you see?

Kentucky's Supreme Court Room.  My brother is in Law School right now, and I can't help but think, that maybe one day, he could serve in a room like this one.  That would be such a proud moment!

How 'bout these Speaker's of the House?!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lexington, KY.

How can anyone visit the state of Kentucky, with out visiting the Kentucky Horse Park!!  We actually stayed at the campground too, but that will come in a review on a different post. :)

Oh, the girls and Parker were SO thrilled to see all the horses!  They are just gorgeous.

I thought Hannah was going to bust, she was so happy. :)

I am thankful for Hannah's strength in times like these.  Last year, she was bitten by a horse, as she tried to feed him, and it ripped off her finger nail and left a pretty nasty gash.  She ended up with about 8 stitches, and a few months of daily 'doctoring.'  Lo and behold, you can't even tell she was bit.  She has no scar or emotional scars from the incident.  Horses are still her favorite animal.  :)

The museum and park had many different sections that we were able to participate.  Here, they are showing the beautiful champions.

Cigar, the dark brown horse had quite the personality.  :)

They also showed many talented riders and the breeds.

This one had ice-blue eyes.  So pretty.

I love it when they train the horses to do tricks!

The 'Bridle Room'

How many hands tall are you?

 During the Groom and Shine, the girls and Parker were smiling from ear to ear. :)  I literally had to coax them to leave.  They wanted to brush the horse, Sneaky, from head to toe.  Unfortunately, we did not have that much time!  HA!

In the Kids' Barn, they had these great toy horses for the kids to play.
 (I think he may have some Type A personality in him)  :)

We really enjoyed the Kentucky Horse Park!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Birthday - Part 3!!

Well, for months, Todd kept a very BIG secret from me, and the kids, in regards to my birthday surprise.  I told him that I did not want to do anything dangerous or crazy, so I was COMPLETELY clueless!!

The day after my birthday, we are staying up late, with the boys, watching a movie, when all of a sudden, there is a knock at the almost 10:00 at night!  I thought our RV was gushing water again, or something awful was happening.  I mean, really, why else would anyone knock on our door at that time of night?  RIGHT?!

Todd gets up and answers the door and then asks me to come on over.


Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!  I was in shock, I was screaming, I was laughing, I was SOOO happy!!!

She actually drove, all by herself, for almost 6 hours, just for my birthday surprise.  Is she not the sweetest friend, EVER!?!

The next night, we had a girlie-date while Todd watched the kids.  We went to Outback Steakhouse and then got pedicures.  FUN!

Then, the next night after that, Todd and I went on a date and ate at Cheddar's, while Jill watched the kids!

Can you tell, I love good food and good company? ;)

I truly had a week full of fun and I will NEVER forget how special my sweet man and my sweet friend made me feel!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Birthday - Part 2

 What better gift for your 40th birthday, than a corvette, right?

 Well, I got to sit in one, at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.!!

 There were SO many beautiful corvettes!  How could I choose?!


 Did you know that the frame is light enough for a child to lift!

 This one is Emily's favorite.  She LOVES purple. :)

We ALL gravitate to the yellow ones.

Even Parker was allowed to get in!  :)

In this section, they showcase pace cars and owners' personal babies.

Tanner was DEFINITELY dreamin.....

Cool paint job on this one.

Yeah, Zach is dreamin too.....


Now, that is a BIG smile!

Even the bathrooms looked like corvettes!

Emily looks like she already owns it!  HA!

It was a cool museum at a cool price.  For our entire family, it only cost $25. :)

He was lovin' this moment.  What a hunk!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

This year, I turned the big 4 - 0!  I am officially a seasoned adult......scary, I know.....

I will be spreading out all the fun stuff we did for my BIG birthday, since it did last a week!

First, I wanted a foo-foo cupcake.  Something, very cute and yummy!  Oh, did Gigi's cupcakes deliver!
Todd surprised me by calling ahead and getting this little ditty set up! :)

As I walked in the door, I saw this AWESOME cupcake on the counter and this cute sign on the wall!  Too fun!

It was a white chocolate-raspberry dream come true!  It also had white chocolate chips and raspberry bits inside the cake!  LOVE it!

Hannah picked out the Midnight Magic cupcake, with chocolate cake, chips and icing. :)  Emily picked the birthday cupcake, with white cake, sprinkles and strawberry icing. :)

All three boys wanted the margarita cupcake.  (no alcohol included! HA!)  It was a lime flavored cake with lime/cream cheese icing with a lime candied gummy on top. :)  They were a little excited!

Todd got the wedding cake one, which was a vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and sparkly white crystal candies on top.  It was devoured before I could get a picture. :)

Todd also told me to get a t-shirt for the special occasion!  I felt so special. :)

I just LOVE birthdays!  :)

Yeah for me!  :)