Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Parthenon

So, we decided to visit the The Parthenon in Nashville one day, and thought it would be so great to see this building, since the REAL, ORIGINAL one is in Athens, Greece, and this is its exact replica.  Tanner and Zach will be studying World History as well as the US History that we are studying on the road, so I thought this would be a treat, right?

Well, we were excited to see the outside of the building.

And we were excited to see this HUGE 24 foot door.

 And we were excited to learn that the Percy Jackson movie was filmed here.

And, this is the other side of that really big door. :)

But, then we went inside the building, and we saw this.  Yep.  The biggest, golden Athena anyone has ever seen!  Are you serious?!  I mean!  It was totally cheesy!  Yeah, I know it's the whole, 'GREEK' mythology thing, and Tanner actually thinks it's interesting.  But, come on!

There were rows of these busts and other statues that I kept having to shield my little ones' eyes from, and remind my older ones to act 'mature.'  I couldn't help but feel that we were out of place, if that makes sense?  :)

Here is the deal.  If you want to visit the Parthenon, or its replica in Nashville, and you have small children, then stay outside and have a picnic.  If you are REALLY interested in Greek Mythology and you are an adult, then by all means, have fun!
It was not my cup of tea, and let's just leave it at that!  :)


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Probably not right for my 6 and 8 year olds, so I appreciate your honest impression.