Tuesday, May 21, 2013

None Other, Than Cadillac Ranch!

Since 1974, in Amarillo, TX., in a COW PASTURE, ..... the one,.... the only....

Cadillac Ranch.  :)

We went prepared, with several cans of paint.

And, we made sure to tell the kids how important it was, that they FULLY understood, that spray painting graffiti ANY WHERE else...... IS ILLEGAL.

Just saying.....

Even though it was 100 degrees in the dry Texas sun, we had a fun time making our mark. :)

Aaawwww. My man is so sweet. :)  
Here, he declares to the world, his love for me. :)

"You Only Live Once!"
So true.



  1. Looks like fun!!

    Remember Tanner and Zach......(from Jessie's story)

    Y -Young
    O - Oliva
    L - Loves
    O- Orangutans

    Miss you,

  2. It looks like so much fun! I can't wait to take my kids out there later this year! :)