Sunday, May 19, 2013

The BIG Texan

When you visit Amarillo, you just have to eat at the FAMOUS Big Texan Restaurant!

First of all, they come pick you up in a FREE, longhorn cadillac LIMO!  Our driver is a retired, geo-physicist! ( All I know, is that means, he is REALLY smart.) :)  He chauffeur's for the Texan, just so he has something to do everyday!

This was a first for me and the kids!  WHOO HOO!

The girls even put on their Sunday best for this experience! LOVE IT!

Once we arrived, we went directly into the fun, gift shop.  You could seriously pay WAY too much money on some really fun stuff here. ;)

We also walked through out the restaurant and noticed a small casino and gun-shootin' game.

This is another place that was featured on "Man vs. Food."  I loved the old west and saloon-style decorations through out.

We stuffed ourselves and even had leftovers!  Emily and Parker also received a free cowboy hat with their kid's meals.  BONUS!

Seriously, go to the Big Texan, enjoy the atmosphere and have a steak dinner!
And that is NOT a bunch of bull. ;)


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