Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun Fall Festivities!

We stayed at the Forest Lake, Thousand Trails Campground for 2 weeks, and during our time there, everyone got into the Halloween/Fall/Autumn/ Whatever you want to call it FUN!

(That is a pic of one of our neighbors' motorhome!)

They scheduled a game of BINGO!  Seriously.  Who doesn't like BINGO!?!

Everyone carefully listening..........

WINNER!  Yeah Emily!

Here is our lovely campground-BINGO-Caller. :)

Then, the park set up all of these fun 'moon walks!'


It was hilarious, watching the kids run out of a caterpillar's rear-end!  HA!

They had inside games and prizes, too!

And then, one of my FAVORITES!!

The Cake Walk!  (I told my kids that we HAD to win!)  :)  (I'm not competitive or anything....)

We all enjoyed the hot dogs, cokes, and cotton candy.  ;)  YUM!

It is ALMOST as big as his face.  :)

They had chalk-drawing contests outside!

Zach TOTALLY won with his 'Yoda.'  ;)

Guess what?!  We won the Cake Walk!

Well.  Actually, half way.  Hannah and her new friend, Caitlyn, were literally walking side-by-side and when the coordinator turned around, they were sharing the winning space!  So, they BOTH got to share a dessert of their choice!  HA!  It could only happen with Hannah!  :)

It was a fun-filled day and the kids had so much fun.  Did I mention that it was all FREE!!!  I LOVE free.

 Now, we are brushing our teeth, by the hour!
(I'm heeding your advice, Peggy!)  :)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Candy Factory!

So, while we were visiting Lexington, NC., we decided to take a trip to this cute little shop in downtown.

A candy-covered chair, straight from Candy Land! Too fun!

There were rows and rows, shelves and more shelves FILLED with old-fashioned candy, and good ole' time favorites, too.

It seemed like the choices were endless!
We told the kids that they could spend $2.00 each on whatever candy their heart's desired. :)

The store also has antiques and old-time toys.  Parker thought the Jack-in-the-Box was Awesome.  hee..hee  :)

In true "Parker style" we stuck our treats right in front of our faces for the camera.  HA!


Friday, October 26, 2012

The New Face of Gandalf - Zach's Corner!

Here is a new "Zach's Corner" for all you Lord of the Rings fans!



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hagan-Stone Park - Campground Review

While we were enjoying our 'pleasant' stay in Pleasant Garden, NC., we stayed at this little RV Park.

Price - $20/night (water & electric) and a dump station.

Amenities - There is a wonderful playground, trails and that small town feeling. :)  Also, in the community park, there is a HUGE playground for all ages, even handicap kids, too!

Staff- The staff were really nice, and check in was a piece of cake.

My only complaint is the bath/shower house.  It was so old and dirty.  It was also BUGGY!  The first night we were there, I had a shower with 4 beetles and had to kill a spider.  EEeewwww!

I literally waited 3 days before my next shower.  I just couldn't do it.

The campground was clean, and we felt very safe.  If they put in FULL hook-ups and modern bathrooms, it would be PERFECT.  So, as long as you can use your own shower for your time there, I would definitely recommend it.  Otherwise, just make sure you bring a fly-swatter to the shower!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pleasant Time in Pleasant Garden

We spent a few days in Pleasant Garden, NC., and had a fun time at the playground.  Too cool!

I love all the bold colors here.  It was SO different and original from the common, primary colored ones you see in parks. :)

It had all kinds of things to climb on and slides, teeter-tots and more, for many ages.

We met some interesting people and some really sweet people.  :)

Our stay was pleasant. :)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birchwood RV Park - Campground Review

Well, when we visited Durham, NC., we found out REAL quick, that there are not many options. :(
It is not the safest location in North Carolina either. :(

However, we were able to stay here for one night......with out incident. :)

(Although, the day we were packing to leave, we did notice the police patrolling the area, driving really fast, slowing down, and scanning the park......just saying......)

Price - $30/n for full hookups, and they GOTCHA because it is the ONLY place to camp!

Amenities - none that I am aware of, and did not take the time to locate them. :)

I would not go back here again.  I would DEFINITELY stay in Mebane, NC. and take a day trip to the Durham area next time!

Life sure has its adventures!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Mountain Park - Campground Review

Our first campground in North Carolina was Green Mountain.  It is part of our Thousand Trails membership, so we decided to stay for 2 weeks.  While we were here, we went thrift store shopping, played putt-putt  and hung out around the campground most of the time.

Price - $3/night (just can't beat that!)

Amenities - right now, everything is pretty much shut down for the fall and winter, however, I think it would be MUCH more fun and lively in the summer time.  There is a small pool, putt-putt, trails and a small pond with row boats.

Staff - they were fine.  (not overly friendly, but certainly not rude)

We had full hook ups, so we used our own shower/bathroom, which is good, because the campground's shower house was old and dated.  I saw the staff cleaning it daily, but it still looks so worn down.

Also, if you stay here, beware of the HUGE hills!  Stay in the lower section close to the main office! :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go Duke!

When in North Carolina, you have to make a decision.  Are you a Blue Devil?  Or.  Are you a Tar-Heel?

The Golden Gang are DEFINITELY Duke fans!  Go Duke!

The chapel on campus was just gorgeous.  I could have stared at it for an hour, but I had some VERY impatient children, who wanted to go inside the chapel and see another MOMENTOUS building on campus.

It was too funny.  When we walked inside, the organ started playing!  It was as if they knew we arrived!  We all just looked at each other and smiled, eyes wide with wonder.  :)

This is the HUGE organ that played for us.  :)  It is so grand and beautiful.

After two different bus rides and getting lost too many times to count, we found Cameron Indoor Stadium!  WHOO HOO!!  Go Blue Devils!

It is here, where some of the BEST basketball is played and coached.  Coach K has an unbelievable record, and knows this game just a LITTLE better than UNC's coach!  hee...hee  :)


Tanner's Manly Moments! - "Wabbit Therapy."

Well, Tanner and those mean, ole' wabbits have caused a lot of sadness.  Poor little Tanner.....just can't get a break!  Even the Geico commercials have made their way into the wabbits trap.

Get a tissue.....

It's weally, weally sad.....


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Backyard BBQ = YUM!

We recently visited Durham, NC., for two reasons!

One - Visit Duke University

Two - Eat at the FAMOUS, Backyard BBQ!  (seen on Iron Chef & Man vs. Food)

Don't let the simplicity of the restaurant fool you.  This place was AWESOME.

How many times have you wanted to 'SEE' the food, before you ORDER?  They have these really big, colorful pictures for you, as well as the food, cafeteria-style, right on the front counter.
 SO family-friendly. :)

The owners, Big Paul and Fabianne were a total joy to meet, and also sat and talked with us, as if they had nothing else to do!?!

The food was SO yummy!  We got the 'Work-mans Special' which includes a chopped-beef sandwich, hush puppies and two sides.  (fries, cinnamon apples, collard greens, cabbage, home made mac-n-cheese, sweet potatoes or green beans)

It was heavenly.....  Seriously!

 It.  melted.  in.  your.  mouth.

It was also VERY affordable.  We all left stuffed and had leftovers.  YEAH!
Go see Big Paul and tell him the Golden Gang sent you!  :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

North Carolina - State #23!!

So, we planned on traveling through more areas of Tennessee, however, we wanted to stay in the north as much as we could, to experience the beautiful fall weather.  Our time in Pigeon Forge, TN., was so great, and SO busy!  I was definitely looking forward to some down time. :)

The last two weeks, we stayed in a Thousand Trails Campground in Lenoir, NC.  The kids completed a TON of school work, rode bikes, played putt-putt, went on walks and had plenty of time to feel 'BORED!'  HA!

I think it is good for all of us to feel 'bored' sometimes, so that the busy, fun, exciting stuff is much more appreciated.  :)  After all, it is the people, and simple things in life, that still seem to be so profound and make the most impact in our lives. (we were able to go to the local town market in Mebane, and this sweet lady let all the kids have a toy for FREE!)  Too sweet!

We have had time to visit with some of our great friends, the Lemmons, from Charlotte, NC., and the Maxims, from Mebane, NC.  We had many meals with sweet friends, and made some new ones, too!  The Luther family, from Mebane, were also so generous and welcoming, and made us feel at home.

This is just another wonderful blessing; living on the road.  We are able to see 'old' friends who have moved away and worship with them at their church, eat a meal and fellowship in their new home!  It was a special time.

So far, North Carolina has been a really nice experience.  The weather has been in the 70's during the day, and in the 40's at night!  The leaves are all changing their colors, and it is getting us ready for the holidays.  ;)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bear Cove Resort - Campground Review

While we were in Pigeon Forge, TN., we stayed at Bear Cove RV Park for a MONTH!

It was a great place that soon became home. :)  Their nightly rates are a little high, and even their weekly rates are out of our league, but their monthly rate of $550 was TOTALLY acceptable.  And worth it!

We had the perfect site, located right in front of the pool, laundry and bathhouse.

Just a few steps away, and we are swimmin'!

The staff was also cleaning the pool, cleaning the bathrooms and mowing or trimming every single day.

The bath house had 3 private bathrooms for women and 3 private bathrooms for men.  Aren't these cute?!

The laundry was a little high; $2.00/wash and $2.00/dry, but they worked well.

There is SO much to do in Pigeon Forge, as you can see from all the other posts I made, so I definitely recommend staying here and taking advantage of their awesome monthly rate, staff and amenities!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Silly Fun at the Campsite

After a long, fun day hiking and running around corn mazes, we came home and decided to have some more silly fun.  The girls put on a 'show.'

They are such 'hams!' ......I don't know where they get it from!?

Tanner played his guitar and sang his little heart out.

Todd put on a RAGING fire for smores.

And then, some of my silly family decided to jump into the pool.......with their CLOTHES ON!!!

You would have thought they were high on Jell-o!  Seriously....it was hilarious!

Yep.  That is my muscle-man.  :)

Here they are.  The proud.  The wet.  The cold.

Still beaming in their cold, wetness.

Did I mention that it was a raging fire!  The wind was swirling the fire, and it looked like a fire-tornado in the fire pit!  Really cool.