Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rootin' Tootin' Cowboys!

For about 5 years now, Tanner has been involved in an organization, SASS ; Single Action Shooting Society.  His Grandpa and Grandma are VERY involved, and shoot year 'round, but Tanner only shoots in his SPARE time. :)

It is an awesome organization that teaches gun safety, and the correct respect and application involved in shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns.  There are 'stages' at each competition where each applicant is timed, but also scored for accuracy.

The part I love about it, is the fancy dresses and old western outfits that all the shooters show up in!  :)  Seriously, though, it has been a great hobby for my kids to experience alongside their grandparents, and are learning the importance of gun safety/handling.

Each of the shooters have an alias, too:
Grandpa is 'Texas Ghost'
Grandma is 'Lady Ghost'
Tanner is "Kid Ghost'
 and this year Zach joined the posse as 'Deputy Ghost!'

In a couple of years, Hannah will start shootin' as 'Angel Ghost' and Emily is.....get this.....'Not-A-Ghost.'  :)  Parker says he wants to be 'Baby Ghost."  Sounds good to me!

Here are some pics of the boys at their latest shoot.

 That's right.  Real Guns.  Real bullets.  Real chaps.

Safety is TOP  priority at the shoot.  Even though there are several people shooting at any given time, it is very organized and controlled.

Eye protection and ear protection are REQUIRED!  Too cute.  :)

At any age, you too can enjoy competing with some of the best folks in all of Texas!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun at the Lake!

Good ole' Uncle Tray and Aunt Cheryl invited us over to their place in the country last weekend, and we had a bunch of fun. :)
Between jumping on the trampoline, watching the peacocks, playing with kittens, splashing at the sandy beach and tubing on Lake Conroe, it was a FUN-FILLED day!

Here they are, filled with anticipation!!

Is it possible to find a life jacket that REALLY fits?!

Hang on tight, girls!

Whoo Hoo!!  LOVE it!

Tanner loved the challenge Uncle Tray gave him.....go fast......real fast!

Zach enjoyed his turn at NORMAL speed, though.  :)

Uncle Tray, you're awesome!  :)

After our boat ride, we took the kids to a sandy beach, and they ran and swam and ran and swam.....

Parker is getting too big, too fast......  makes me proud and sad, all at the same time......

Thanks so much Uncle Tray and Aunt Cheryl!!  We had a blast!!