Tuesday, April 30, 2013

State #29!! Mississippi!

We intended on having a couple of days in Vicksburg, MS., enjoying Vicksburg National Park.  But, as life would have it, as it sometimes happens, we needed to slow down and have some serious family time.

Life lessons.  Hard lessons.  But, lessons we all need to learn at some point......sometimes more than once. ;)

Our recent lessons have been about diligence, laziness, thankfulness and respect.

Sometimes, you just have to put on the breaks of "your plans" and take the time to reevaluate what is right or wrong and FIX it! :)

So, just as any other family in America, whether you live in a house made of sticks and bricks or an rv, we have problems, stresses, issues, and what ever else you want to call them!

Our next adventure took us to a special place, with a special 'call.' ;)

Stay tuned!


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