Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fort Boonesborough State Park

In Richmond, KY., we visited this Living History Museum, sharing the story about Daniel Boone, and how he helped protect the fort from the Shawnee Indians.

The original fort has disintegrated, but the state park system rebuilt it and made it into an educational wonder.

She showed us how to weave threads made from flax seed into linen material for pants, shirts, and napkins!

He shared some of his knowledge about Daniel Boone, and his many weapons, powder horns, and tools that were made from scratch, as the pioneers once did.

Home made candles hanging to dry.  It smelled SO good. :)

 A 200 year old spinning wheel!  It still works today!

The tinsmith showing us how to make a cup.  With a rectangle, circle and trapezoid piece of tin, you can make one too!  (Well, it is a little more difficult than that!)  :) You definitely need to be patient and a perfectionist.

She showed us how to make lye soap.  Too interesting.  I bought some at the little store, to help Zach the next time he gets poison ivy.  Not if.......when.......

This fine lady shared how to spin this freshly washed, dyed and dried wool into threads for weaving clothing, blankets or table cloths.

Wanna be's!!!  HA! :)

This was a nice outing and very educational.  I am amazed at how inventive our pioneers were!


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