Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morrill Hall Museum, Lincoln, NE

This museum is literally on the campus at Nebraska University, and is also called, "Elephant Hall."
We were able to get into the museum for free with our museum membership, but if not, they have a family rate for only $10!  :)
It is called Elephant Hall because right when you walk in, the first section is FILLED with humongous skeletons of elephants and mammoths!!
They have the world's largest known fossil of a mammoth.  It was quite intimidating. 

There were many skeletons of other living things: man, dog, cat, horse, cow, buffalo, sloth, sheep, bird, even a mouse!
Many dinosaurs and sea creatures to enjoy on the ceiling, walls and even in the floor!

The kids also enjoyed the Discovery section where there were "hands-on" activities, like dino-digging, puzzles, toys, puppets and amazon, life-sized snakes!  The kids LOVED scaring their mom by sneaking up behind me and flopping one around my neck!  UG!  I hate snakes.  Yes, even fake ones.....

Parker's favorite part of the play center was really funny. :)

He stood here sharpening pencils in deep thought for several minutes! :)  You just never know what might entertain!


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  1. Hi Stepanie,

    I am one of Todd's cousins. On the internet I go by Mrs.B. My aunt, your mother-in-law, gave me your blog address. Since we also home school, she knew I'd find y'alls journey interesting.

    We also love "experiencing" history and science. Although we are not in a position, nor have the desire, to live on the road full-time, we do explore museums, national parks, historical sites, etc. whenever & wherever we travel. It is one of our favorite aspects of home schooling.

    I am sure you and your family will make many fabulous memories while on this journey. I look forward to occasoinally checking in and reading about them.