Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aberdeen, SD & Wylie Park & Storybook Land Review

This week we have been here and man, I am tired!  :)  It has been absolutely beautiful weather, with sunny days around 75 degrees and nights around 50, and SOOO much fun, fun, fun!
Storybook Land is inside of this huge state park in Aberdeen, SD.  There are many play areas with a focus from  many different Mother Goose poems. 

It also has large statues like this; Paul Bunyan and his big blue Ox!  We had fun strolling through the area trying to guess the theme of each one. :)
Hickory-Dickory-Dock, the mouse ran up the clock.....

Jack and the Bean Stalk.....look closely, and you can see the giant!

Hannah, Emily and Parker enjoyed it here, and also the wild life zoo in the park as well.

Large herds of deer, buffalo, elk, llamas, and reindeer......roaming "freely" in wide open acreage.
While Todd, Tanner and Zach went go-cart racing in the park, (having an awesome time!) the Littles and I went on the train ride.

But even that is not all!!
There is a swimming beach, and great playground equipment as well!  And did I mention, that other than the train ride and go-carts, it was ALL FREE!!!??  (the train is $1.75/person and go-carts are $5/person)  :)

Something else that is hard to get used to in South Dakota, is that it is not dark until about 9:30, 10:00!!  It makes for LONG days, and short nights, because the sun is up at 6:00!! 
The campground is really nice at $25/night, with our Good Sam discount, and has fantastic facilities.  Their bathrooms are VERY clean and the grounds are immaculate.  The staff is also so friendly and helpful as well, I would definitely recommend this for a couple or family to camp.  :)

Unfortunately, it has not been ALL fun and games here.  Yesterday, Todd started to replace some valves on the grey water and black tanks.  It is something that is pretty difficult, and taxing, just trying to GET in the spot in the cargo-bay to do the job.  After practically ALL day, (remember how long the days are?) he replaced them, but they were leaking.  grumble.....grumble...... :(
Then, today he tried AGAIN for about 5 more hours on it, and it still leaked!  He is so frustrated, and feels defeated.  I am hurting for my man today.  I wish I could help in some way.  Todd is very mechanically inclined and can most always fix things, but this one got him. 
Please pray! :)
We are planning on "roughing it" until Monday, when an RV repair shop can squeeze us in to hopefully fix this issue.  So, that means for 3 days, we can not use our sinks or shower or toilet in the problem, as long as the next place has a shower house and clean bathrooms! 

It's a journey!  That is life!  There is a lesson in ALL of this, and I pray that we are glorifying the Lord even through the stressful times. 


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