Monday, June 27, 2011

Water Park Fun, Rapid City, SD!

Our time in Rapid City was so much fun!  This is the first time we have gone to a waterpark as a family, so we were all looking forward to it!  The kids just LOVE swimming!  We parked for a couple of nights at the local Cabela's- FREE dump and drinking water and very friendly to RVers. :)
This is an indoor waterpark with some awesome slides, a lazy river, basketball pool, and a wonderful "little" kids play and swim area. :)

We spent almost the whole day here, and really enjoyed it.   :)
Parker's favorite, was the basketball pool.  He literally shot hoops here for over an hour straight!  Other kids seemed totally content just handing him the ball over and over, to see him shoot!  HA!

Wapiki Indoor Waterpark was a real treat!  Thanks Rapid City!

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